They’re Heeeere

My mother calls last night. We’re running early. We’ll be here tomorrow night instead of Thursday night. Ooookkkkaaayyy… First they were coming March 1, but daughter is having a wedding shower this weekend that my mother got invited to, so coming for that. Mom says, it will be late at night (which, it is usually a full 9 hour drive to get here) and they have stops to make.

I get up early, start cleaning and doing all the things I was going to do today and tomorrow before they came. I run into town to get some groceries – with every intent on coming home and finishing my vacuuming, etc. I get a phone call. It’s my eldest son… “Grandma and Grandpa are here”. Huh?WFT? It’s 4 o’clock! That’s not LATE! ARRRGGGHHH! My month of hell has begun well…

Race home, and try to recover some sanity. It’s a lost cause. Here we go…

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