Black Friday

What a horrible name for a day, huh? I know where the retailers are getting it from, but still… sounds a bit morbid to me.

I'm used to hearing of stores opening at 5 or 6 a.m. to get the 'early' shoppers in, but one of our nearby malls opened at 12:01 a.m.!! Isn't that nuts? I missed it, but a co-worker said he saw the tv coverage of the event and it was jam-packed wall-to-wall. Ugh. That sounds like a version of hell to me. The once or twice I went with my MIL on an early black friday shopping excursion, we actually didn't run into any crowds and that was just fine and dandy with me.

Have I mentioned I'm not really a fantastic shopper? I'm not one who really likes to arrange shopping trips places, and although I've gone on some shopping travel weekends in long-past years, looking back I can't say that it was really all that fun. Guess that female gene must have been recessive. I generally figure out ahead of time what I want and where the most likely place is to get it and if I'm not getting it online, I try to just zoom in and get it and get out in one piece. Occasionally, there have to be some looking around but I chalk that up to research and I do try to avoid it.

So… you ask. What am I doing today? Why working, of course! I'm paying the price for being gone three days this week. Although I sent out two notices to everyone that I would be gone, I still ended up with emails requesting things to be processed on Tuesday and Wednesday. *rolling eyes* Although I do have a program that I could have fulfilled their requests from home, I chose not to. I didn't feel their requests were emergencies and they had enough notice that they were out of luck. (Also, they don't know I have that capability and I'm sure not gonna tell 'em!) Yeah, I'll probably be working all weekend to make up for being gone, but it's okay. Most of the people who bug me will be gone for the long weekend so it could be pretty quiet and allow me to catch up in peace.

Five Days of Gratitude: Day 5 – I'm grateful I have a job where although I bust my chops this time of year, most of the rest of the year it is pretty flexible. Even, to be honest, this time of the year – if I put my foot down I could be absent. I probably put more of the pressure on myself to get things done in a timely manner than most everyone around me. That's the perfectionist coming out again. I get paid a decent wage and for all my bitching, really do have a pretty good bunch of people to work with. (Don't we all have some people who can annoy us just by breathing some days?…oh, c'mon…sure you do!…or maybe just me?…) I'm grateful not to have to put up with those 9-5 days, 5-days a week, over and over and over with no end in sight until retirement. Or the salaried postitions where you end up working way more than your fair share and have the headaches to prove it. I've been on that treadmill and it wasn't for me. This is much better for my lifestyle and personality and I'm secretly thrilled I have such a good job – less than 10 miles from home! It just 'works' for me.

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8 thoughts on “Black Friday”

  1. We had a whole housefull of people and enough food to feed an army.

    Sorry you had to work today.

    I avoid black friday like it was the black plague. I hate shopping at any timme. I know I will miss some good sales, but I hate the crowds. I do a lot of shopping on line. It’s so convenient, and I’ve never had a problem.

    Mrs A. had to work today also, so it’s just V. and me. The pellet stove is fired up, there is a bottle of good rum with about two shots in it, and I have a book. All is right with the world.

  2. I do love to shop, but not so much around this time of year. It’s insane! I just don’t have that “killer instinct” nor the patience to deal with crowds and long lines.

    I know how you feel about the work thing and the pressure. I put a lot of pressure on myself to reply to requests in a timely manner even if it stresses me out to do so. Rarely does anyone complain if I don’t reply immediately (and those who do are usually unreasonable and overtly demanding) so I’m not sure why I don’t give myself more of a break.

  3. Sometimes I like shopping, other times I just can’t get into it, and I absolutely hate fighting the crowds during holiday shopping. People are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable on a regular basis, but at that time, it is beyond bearable. For me, anyway. 🙂

  4. I hate Black Friday. I wanna go to wal-mart so bad right now to get x-mas towels but i am terrified of the crowds. i like your new blog layout. looks really nice and wintery and peaceful. i like that. 🙂

    sounds like your thanksgiving was nice. i would love to have a big kitchen. i would love even more if i knew how to cook something! but i can do some things with a crock pot. oh, yeah, sue. i can rock that crock pot! 🙂

  5. I “Guy Shop”. No, I don’t shop for guys, it kinda goes more like this:

    If I’m walking down the street, and say to myself, “I’m cold,” I can usually find someplace that sells coats. I walk in, buy a coat, walk out, and amazingly, “I’m not cold anymore.” Spending hors wandering from store to store looking for this or that, checking prices at 5 places to determine where I can get what I want for five bucks less… forget it. My brain doesn’t work that way.

    Fenchurch HATES it when I go grocery shopping by myself. “Why did you buy more Ceasar Rimmer? We already have three containers? And where’s the milk? You forgot to get bread too? Aaaaarg! You picked up ten packages of lunchmeat and no bread!”

    Yeah, she says she loves me anyway, I just take a lot of patience and getting used to.

  6. Yeah, same here in Dallas. Most of the people on the TV, in fact all of the peeps on the TV for those stores were younger than 25. Remember when you could stay up all night and not suffer for two or three days when you were in your mid-twenties?

    I avoided work on Friday. I went and got my Xmas tree. I took a Xanax and headed off for Gardenridge. I made it through okay, except for the occasional complete idiot group of people that had to stop in the isles and talk. I always like the fact that most people are really nice the day after thanksgiving now that stores stock enough stuff to not have to fight over it. Otherwise, I usually wait a couple of weeks after black friday for the deeper discounts.

    Where I live, I plan my trips out so that all stores are on the right hand side. I live in “u-turn” hell. It’s almost impossible to turn left in my city due to the massive amounts of traffic, so I just hang a u-ey everywhere. So if it’s on the right hand side during the regular day (before 7 a.m.), all stop-offs must be on the right hand side on my way to whereever I am ultimately going.

    See why I have an assistant? 🙂

  7. Isn’t it sad that we’re at a point in time where we feel guilty about not working…on our vacations? I never expect people to touch their e-mails when they’re out, and I can’t imagine that it’s that difficult to plan ahead when someone sends two notices out to let you know of their break.

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