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For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I need some gift-giving ideas. We also have birthdays in December and early January. (Age range is 10 on up to adult.) What do you want for Christmas? World peace will not be accepted as a legit suggestion – this is Christmas, not a beauty pagent. What are you giving? If you are afraid someone you know will read your answers, you can e-mail me your suggestions also. sesnyde at gmail dot com.

Thank you in advance~~

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  1. For us old farts, they have come out with a turntable that converts albums directly to MP3 files. Record all that vinyl and then put it in storage. Assuming you have or know someone who still has 300 record albums.

  2. For older people on your list – you might consider any of James Lileks books. For kids – video games if they’ve got a game machine. Scented lotions and stuff for girls, remote control toys for boys (of any age).

    Or you could go with my mother’s favorite holiday gift – give footed flannel pajamas. *grin*

  3. For grandchildren I look for anything that makes noise, errr, I mean music. 🙂 Now, for my son’s gf who is in an art school I ordered a marionette of Mozart made in the Czech Republic. Nieces will get sweat shirts from a local college where their cousin attends and money. For those with ipods or MP3s, a gift cert to online music or to movie site for video buffs always works. With the internet, the world is your marketplace, so I like to shop by country and see what cool, interesting item I can find. But, I try to do all that kind of shopping at the beginning of Nov to be sure items arrive on time.

  4. I want a new vaccuum cleaner so bad. i know it’s not exciting but that’s what i want. and a new kitchen but i have a better chance of getting a new vaccuum. 🙂
    i am getting my husband an ipod.

  5. woah, love the new theme….

    i truly am a huge believer in gift cards mixed with a little something. i will give a nice candle, book or something little with a gift card. that’s what i like to get, anyway!

  6. I bought digital keyring photoframes for the grandparents – i’ll fill it up with pictures of the kid and they’ll be happy. Not sure about the others yet

  7. What do I want for Christmas, you ask? Well, the Bath & Body lotion that Karen mentioned is a given (Mango Mandarin, Juniper Breeze & Cucumber Melon are my favorites). Next, you could get me some of those slipper socks – the warm fuzzy ones that you can wear to bed and they don’t leave lines around your ankles/legs. A Netflix subscription might be nice. And of course I’m still waiting for Santa to bring me a new laptop … it just might happen this year!

  8. A week in Tahiti with Juan the Pool Boy. No. I do not have a pool. Or a pool boy. Oh, and some money to buy fruity frozen drinks while I am there 🙂

  9. I love to give gift cards to Barnes & Noble–OR I will buy the books if I know what is wanted.

    Whenever I have given gift certificates–the cowards way out :)–I have tried to do something a bit interesting. I gave gift certificates for movie rentals and put them in a box of microwave popcorn and included some 2 liter bottles of Coke. With pizza certificates, I have tied them to a pizza cutter. A certificate to an Italian restaurant can be tied to a spaghetti server or a bottle of Chianti. I think you can get my drift here. 🙂

  10. In our family, we adults all make wishlists on Amazon as a starting point. Then we all pick from there. Anything else we buy is gravy.

    Decorative throws are nice. Even kids love plush blankets of their very own. There’s some new dolls which come in a car or something…forget what they’re called. Gift certificates to book and record stores for teens. Gardening gadgets from Lee Valley for the hard to buy for has everything person who likes to garden. Oh yeah, snowglobes!

  11. It kind of depends on the person and what his/her interests are. For Ted, I’m having an easy time coming up with ideas. But for my mom, I’m not b/c she can pretty much buy herself anything that’s in my price range (and does). I’m also at a loss as to what to get the nieces/nephews b/c I don’t know what they need or want.

    As for me, I’ve asked for some sweaters that aren’t too bulky, clogs, colorful jewelry (not expensive stuff), board games, new bras/underwear, scented lotions. Exciting, huh? I also enjoy anything spa-related like getting manis, pedis, massages or facials (not sure how much you’re wanting to spend). For guys, something sports or electronics-related usually works:)

  12. I want my trip to Ireland. 🙂 You don’t really mention price range. I love my Flip video camera (under $200). I also think you can never go wrong with really good slippers (kind of moccasin style with wool inside). And chocolate. Really good chocolate. Mmmmm…. Godiva.

  13. BTW – I just got a catalog from Restoration Hardware – they have a bunch of really cool, inexpensive toys. Just google them for their web site.

    I remember I splurged one year at their store and got someone the $70 portable foozball table. It was much appreciated. *grin*

  14. I think I saw it as I scrolled but arts and crafts sets are always great. Beading sets and things like that. Check Michael’s and JoAnn’s.

    If they live where it’s cold check into sheep/shearling slippers…not necessarily UGGs but along those lines.

  15. I go out to amazon and look at recommendations by parents for toys for kids. That has saved my major heartache since I don’t have kids and I never know what the cool toys are.

    That, and for tweens and teens, Abercrombie and Fitch, Bebe, etc. Look for a Plato’s Closet in your city, or nearest city since you harvest hay. It’s a resale shop of practically new stuff that all kids wear. I bought 60 individual items for my niece for $250. All the “in” brands for like, five and six bucks a piece or something.

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