Things That Make Me Go Ewwww #27

A partial list. In no particular order.

  • * Men with long fingernails
  • * People who "sniff". Not, as in smelling things, but rather as in they need a kleenex.
  • * Hog poo in confined areas
  • * Garlic breath
  • * Bad breath in general
  • * Foul body odor
  • * Rancid meat
  • * Toilets that aren't flushed
  • * Pierced body parts below the waist, above the knees
  • * Hair growing on men's noses. Yes, I said ON.
  • * Hair growing on women's chins. (C'mon, lady…get out the tweezers)
  • * tripe
  • * Imagining certain people naked (I am not elaborating)

What makes YOU go ewww…?

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20 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go Ewwww #27”

  1. most of those would be on my list. public spitting, hair in my food, and thongs/g-strings showing out of women’s pants would also grace the list.

  2. Well, there was the time the cat crapped in my shoe……

    He came struttin’ by with his nose and tail in the air, and there I was sitting there with a rubber band six shooter in each hand. I unloaded both on his back end.

    When I was wanderin’ around stuporously getting ready for work the next morning I came upon a pair of shoes.

    “Oh yeah, put on shoes.”

    When I put the second shoe, something went “Smoosh”.

    “Smoosh?” I thought. “Shoes don’t go smoosh. Why is my shoe going smoosh?”

    Yep. The cat had gotten even with me for shooting him in the ass.

  3. panty lines. boogers. kids eating boogers. my brothers farting in my face on purpose and thinking it’s hilarious. g-strings hanging out of girls’ pants.

  4. bad breath, dirty hair that flakes and greases at the same time, long fingernails on men, uncut toenails in sandals, body odors in general, people chewing

  5. Good ones, Sue!

    There was something that made me go “Ewww” once, but I couldn’t say it, could only think it.

    A patient came into the office for his ophthalmological appointment. I looked up, as he walked up to the window to register, and there on his black tee shirt was a huge, and I mean HUGE, hunk of mucous, which he probably meant to spit out of a car window, but it had, obviously, blown back in, on him…he was wearing it like a large brooch! LOL

  6. People who eat loudly. People who breathe loudly. People who don’t have an indoor voice. Basically people who make more noise than necessary.

  7. Ok. Just thought of one. Shirts that are too short on people who are too fat (there I said it) to be wearing them — and you can see the roll or apron. Definite eewwww…

    Anything to do with eyeballs including checking your contact lenses in front of me. Eyeballs are weird and gross…

    Ok. There’s two.

  8. Yeah, the body odor thing I posted about last night–just can’t handle it, at all. Also, when I worked in a dentist’s office, we had a guy come in who NEVER had seen a dentist. His teeth were–and I’m NOT joking–green. So, yucky, dirty teeth bother me, a lot!

  9. Ear wax
    Long toenails, especially dirty or torn ones
    Children in supermarkets with bare dirty feet
    Snotty noses, any age
    People who pick any part of their body or fluids etc and eat it, and don’t care that you see them do it! Bah
    Feel sick now, thanks!!!

  10. You captured quite a few on my list, especially as a bus rider through our downtown area:)

    As for me: finding pubic hair or pee drops on toilet seats, seeing someone with a huge whiteheaded zit that they haven’t yet popped, women with moustaches, unshaven arm pits on women (like more than a day or two growth), seeing someone else’s dog’s poop (I can handle my own), and the smell of peanut butter.

  11. I cannot handle snot. It makes me puke. Loogies (spelling)? make me puke.

    Men who spit on the ground.

    Men who wear black socks with shorts.

    Boys who can’t pull their FRICKEN pants up.

    Men who wear t-shirts that don’t cover their bellies.

    Men who wear wife-beaters. No overshirt.

    Mobile homes that have a couch, fridge and rack of deer ribs on the porch.

    Oh, so many other things!

  12. Hello Sue, The weather’s terrible here in the northeast. It’s freezing cold, snowy and dreary. Looks like Old man winter may be coming in like a lion in my neck of the woods.

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