Weekend Off!


Sooo… It appears the weekend is going to be a totally horrid mess weather-wise. This isn't hurting my feelings too badly. I may actually get the weekend off! My Christmas tree and decorations could magically appear! Christmas cookies could be baked! I may actually feel human!

Or not. I also feel like I'm getting sick.

We'll see what wins out.

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Off!”

  1. It’s always nice to have a weekend off.

    Tho being sick makes it less enjoyable. I hope it’s not that cold I got.

    What a piece of crap that was.

    Hope you feel better,


  2. Get some Zicam. It works really well. Seems to cut a cold off at the pass. And no, I am not moonlighting for them. 😀

    Have fun getting your Christmas season started. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ugh, I just got over my cold — I hope that Sizzle and I didn’t give it to you! We hit our colder weather earlier than normal and have been in the 50s since late Sept. Our high today is supposed to be in the high 30s and the outer areas are supposed to get snow as well. Unfortunately, it rarely snows in the city (where I live) so I always have to come in!

  4. Oh,nooo..don’t get sick!

    I started putting up my tree the day after Thanksgiving, and it is still only partially decorated..stuff sitting everywhere. I just can’t seem to get into the mood…but maybe, if it snowed! 🙂

  5. We are under ANOTHER winter storm watch for this weekend. I’m STILL planning on going out, though–a friend and I are going to celebrate my birthday, belatedly. Hopefully our roads won’t be TOO bad. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive. 🙂

  6. Well it’s been raining here all day and that is soooooooooooo rare that I’m about to ditch work so I can go home and just watch it happen. Sigh…I think I may try to take it easy this weekend and do some holiday decorating as well. I hope your immune system wins out!

  7. don’t get sick! they say it will snow here but it will likely look like rain or something lame. i’d like to do all those things you listed!

  8. Oh nob! (That’s what you’re going to sound like if you get sick)

    We have snow/sleet headed our way as well. I doubt we’ll break out the Christmas decorations, though. I’m resisting as our the neighbors across the street with the pink flamingo on the lawn.

  9. Up here in Latteland they are talking snow for tomorrow. I have paid for eight tickets to a TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) concert. It would REALLY pissed off if we couldn’t go.

    A nice glass of blackberry brandy would nip a cold in the bud. For medicinal purposes only, of course.

  10. oh, I hope you don’t get sick, but instead have one of those lovely weekends where Mother Nature gives you a big break from life outside of the home. We all need that.

  11. I love getting snowed in for a weekend. Hope you aren’t getting sick but if you are it is nice to not have to go anywhere.

  12. I hope you didn’t get sick. I have already gone to war with three minor colds this season, which is three more than I normally get. Silliness. I’m sure the fact I spent Saturday morphed into my couch means I alluded all germs for this week!

  13. I’m with Katie on the cookies!

    Have you tried Airborne? Hope you’re feeling better & got to enjoy your weekend snuggled in at home!

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