Whiney Wednesday

  • It's COLD outside
  • The weather gurus are saying 3-5" of snow within the next 24 hours. If it happens and we lose i-net again you may not hear from me for a bit. Don't panic. It is only temporary.
  • Comments aren't always showing up in my e-mail like they are supposed to. This makes me very unhappy. I like to respond to your comments. I don't like coming here and seeing that you have commented and I didn't know it. If I've neglected to respond to a comment it is likely I have not seen it in my inbox. I may have to start responding to comments in comments…
  • I was playing with my template yesterday and messed something up. Then when I went to start over and just download the whole thing again, it won't come back in. Neither will a couple of others I was interested in trying. This frustrates me. I hate Blogger, but at least I knew how to do things there. Here, in WordPress, I don't know enough about how it all works to figure out what I did wrong. I have that lovely, patient, Brad who helps out if I get in a jam, but I really hate relying on someone else. Really. That's why you are now seeing this template. I don't mind this one, and like the banner, but don't like that it is hard to read. Is it hard to read for you or just me?
  • I haven't even started my Christmas or Birthday shopping (we have four birthdays in December and early January – not counting mine)
  • It's COLD outside.
  • I love having a grandson who is old enough I can call him up and make him my 'spy' … getting some info from him on his Mom to help me with Christmas and her birthday. I love the fact when I called she was there and probably is going nuts trying to figure out what I wanted. He's a good kid. He won't tell. I'm an evil mother. I won't tell either.
  • I haven't got one Christmas decoration up, inside or outside the house. Not one.
  • Have I mentioned it's COLD outside?

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19 thoughts on “Whiney Wednesday”

  1. Being the efficient (lazy) person that I am, the tickets to TSo were Christmas presents for a bunch of people. Other than that, I haven’t done any Christmas shopping.

    I hate shopping.

    I haven’t put up any decorations either. Soon it will be time to dig out the little buildings and people to put up the Victorian villiage. Too me that is my favorite part of Christmas decorations.

    Good luck with that cold thing. It is never cold here. I think once in recorded history it got down to zero. In some ways I miss the cold, but if it did get cold, it would be awfully hard on people, because no one is prepared for it.

    So grab yourself a blankey and a nice hot cuppa joe and snuggle down and let the world go away.

  2. i like the new look!

    so it’s cold outside- screw the outside decor and just put up a tree. 🙂 then drink some cocoa and build a fire.

  3. I like the template… kinda Christmas-cardy. Font might be a little small for middle-aged eyes, but that’s just me. Looks like you need to update to WordPress 2.3.1, which might solve some of your issues.

  4. It’s okay to whine..I don’t mind. I should whine more out loud, and not just in my mind, myself.

    It’s cold here, too, and snowing.

    My tree just got the rest of the decorations after sitting partially adorned for at least a week.

    Today, for the first time, I noticed that some of my comments are not showing up in my mailbox, either.

    About your grandson becoming a spy for you..you know I love that! 🙂

  5. It’s cold here… I have no decorations up either inside or out because I’m lazy and no one can see our house from the street anyway. *grin*

    As for the font – I use firefox… ctrl-scroll ups the fonts to a lovely size and I can actually read them otherwise I’d have to skip it until you moved to a new font. *grin* (I heart firefox) although I’m betting there is a font control somewhere in the template where you can up the fonts to a more reasonable size by default… for those of us with “old eyes”.

    Now about this Christmas present thing… you mean I’m supposed to be doing Christmas shopping too???? Sheesh! You’re a hard woman to keep up with. LOL.

  6. Okay, so how cold is ‘cold’? Our wind chill today was supposed to be -1, so… I always like to know what people from the other parts of the country consider ‘cold.’ 🙂 I remember being in Florida and everyone there was bundled up in long sleeves and coats because it was so cold with temps in the 60s. We laughed and wished we had brought our shorts! 😀

  7. Teresa sent me, since I know a *little* about WP… 😉 The font would be changed in your css [style sheet]… but it sounds like you already know that. 😀

    Let me know if I can help in any way!

  8. it’s cold down south here in Hotlanta, too. the high was only 64 today, sue!! hehe. i know. we really have some rough weather down here in Georgia, y’all! tomorrow’s high will only be 50 though so it will be pretty chilly. hope you stay warm, sue! 🙂

  9. I’m having trouble getting my comments via email too. In fact I realized you left a bunch on Nov 29th that didn’t show up until yesterday in my inbox!

    Also I can’t believe I beat you to the decorating. I did some yesterday although the tree isn’t up yet.

  10. Very little shopping done.

    No Christmas decorations up (or the inclination to get them out).

    Working on a gift for a party on Friday night. (Yeah, some things never change!)

    I’m good with snow, except for Jim’s incessant worrying about it, because we might have a late start! Woohoo!! Do have plans for the weekend, so maybe not……hmmmm….must ponder this….

    Lovin’ the spy thing! Can’t wait to hear how that all turns out!

    Stay warm!

  11. Play around with your template. You learn fast; you’ll figure it out in no time. And, yeah, the font is very tiny, a bit of a challenge for the eyes. I’ll read you no matter how small your font is. 🙂

  12. WordPress is an interesting animal to figure out. The trouble I have with templates is that they’re not all created equal like in Blogger, so there’s different functionality and therefore more pain in the butt unique things to deal with.

  13. it’s been two weeks of trying to put up decorations and i’m still half-way there. i have no motivation this year. maybe, it’s due no money for such crazy ideas like presents.

    here kids!!! enjoy the tube of wrapping paper. have at it!

  14. I like your Christmas page look. I didn’t have trouble reading it.

    Cold? Hahahahaha. It got down to 60 last night. It will be in the 80s today. And we had a cold front come through yesterday.

  15. Still can’t read the small print Sue, but I knkow your writing is always interesting. Maybe something in larger prnint for the new year? Merry Christmas!

  16. I was having the same problem with comments not being emailed to me for a few days. I wonder why that was!

    I am tired of the snow and cold. I would like to move somewhere warm now!

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