Not Dead Yet

I feel so bad. I missed the Blog Crush day and everything!! Yikes! Between icing and foul weather messing up the internet and socking me in at home, I've also been fighting this mystery pain.

A few of you regulars (Hi guys~~ I know you're still there and I really appreciate it~~) remember when I told you awhile back (August?) about the doctor thinking I had tendinitis in my shoulder and sending me to physical therapy. I was a good patient and did that, finally quitting when we became so busy at work I couldn't make it and it didn't appear to be doing me much good. As weeks and fall went by, nothing got better and, in fact, got worse. Now I not only had one arm and shoulder involved, but both… and all across the back and neck. Ugh.

Two weeks ago I went back to the doctor for my regular blood work and told him what was going on. In an effort to find a solution, he sent me for x-rays of my neck and put me on Vicodin…. drug choice of the stars…and what "House" is hooked on, I believe! Silly me. I thought that was going to be a wonderful escape from the pain, if only at night. No luck. I just happen to be one of those strange people for whom it does nothing. Seriously. Not a darn thing. No pain relief, no drowsiness, nothing. I swear, I felt like I hadn't even taken anything… except after awhile it made me nauseous. How disappointing. No, I'm not sending you what I have left.

So, I piggy-backed along with my husband last week when he went to his doctor appointment (same doc) for his regular blood work check. After switching out the Vicodin for Oxycontin (another supposed drug of choice that I found did absolutely nothing) we discussed my x-rays. The doctor said he couldn't see anything wrong, but set up an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

This morning I had that appointment. They started by taking x-rays of my shoulders. (I should be able to glow in the dark any time now!). Then I was presented with them on a handheld computer which the doc was able to go into various views, zoom, the whole 9 yards. I love technology.

The verdict? While I have some tendinitis in both shoulders, it appears the vertebra below the one that got operated on (fused) years ago is now going to hell and taking the proverbial hand basket with it… that would be me. I have an appointment on Wednesday for an MRI and another appointment, this time with the neurosurgeon the first week in January. It is beginning to look like I have another back / neck surgery in my future.

To be honest? If it gets rid of the pain? I'm all for it.

Hopefully, you'll all forgive me for my lack of posting and lack of visiting. I hope to be back in full swing soon. I haven't forgotten you! Honest! Remember, if you want a card, I still need your address, too. It's still on my "to do" list! (For those of you who I've already gotten cards from, you have brighten my days!!)

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11 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet”

  1. Wow…best of luck with the neck/back/shoulder stuff. That sucks in a big way. Just so you know…many people have that experience with Vicodin and Oxy…personally I think they are both lousy painkillers. They don’t work at all on many people, they both often cause nausea (yeah that’s what you need when you are in pain) and they are both highly addictive. Now most painkillers ARE addictive…but they really should WORK too if you’re going to take that risk. This is one of the Big Pharma things that pisses me right off. They push the docs to use the “new” drugs so they can make money on the “new” drugs when the old drugs worked just great. Percodan and Percocet are both two older drugs that generally worked very well for lots of people in pain situations. The Percodan is very addictive, the Percocet much less so (but also a little less effective as a painkiller) and designed so that you really could not OD on it. I just get so angry about this because people are in pain situations and cannot get the best drugs for it mostly because Big Pharma is just trying to make money by limiting the market, not trying to provide the best product.

    OK sorry I just totally ranted in your comments. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. if they can ease your pain or better yet, eliminate it- then i understand wanting it. it’s so hard to go day to day in pain. i’m sorry you’re suffering!


  3. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that you’re at least headed down a path of finding out what’s wrong with you. I agree — I’m all for surgery when it does what it’s supposed to! No worries on not reading for a bit; you are allowed to take a break once in a while:)

  4. I’m with Becky on this one. It is nice to finally have a name for it. I have occasional bursitis in my shoulder and it hurts like hell.

    Surgery isn’t much fun, but if it gets you happy and out of pain then it’s worth it. (And don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you get back.)

  5. Man, well, at least you’re making some progress on what’s causing it. The whole limbo thing is a PITA! Not to mention you start to feel like a test subject & someone’s gonna start trying out some makeup on your eyeball pretty soon.
    Stay warm, take care of yourself, and Happy Birthday – just a smidge early!!!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your problems.

    I have Radiculitis (yeah, I know what it sounds like) or an inflamation of the base of the nerves where they come out of your neck, caused by arthritis in my neck.

    They wanted to give e vicodin, but it makes me itch all over. I insisted on Percoccet, and it workks fine. It only bothers me after I do something stupid, like lay a new floor in the kitchen, but eventually they are looking at surgery.

    No thanks.

  7. I think your doc is switching out your meds for placebos and taking the real thing himself. Vicodin I can understand, but Oxycontin is one step short of being synthetic heroin. Nobody’s immune to that shit.

  8. as stupid as it sounds..have you tried just plain old tylenol or alleve? sometimes they work better on the inflammation and do more than pain killers do…it helps my neck especially if i remember to take it before it starts hurting bad….anyway hope you feel better, at least enough to enjoy the holiday!

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