Experiencing Deadlock

My apology: I'm sorry I've not been answering comments, or blogging, or blog-reading lately with much regularity.

My excuse: My dog ate my… oh. Guess that one doesn't apply. How about these?…

  • I finally got the internet guy to tell me that we have a broken part in our satellite dish. He said the company noticed our packet speed drop dramatically in November. (Hmmm…I'm guessing it was actually in October or September and I'm also wondering why, if they noticed, they didn't contact us? arrggh!) He told me on Monday that he'd be out "tomorrow or the next day" and wanted to be sure there was no snow on the roof (we've had highs in the mid-40's, so things have been melting like crazy.) I made him hold on while I checked and assured him there was NO snow on the roof or where he needed to put his ladder on the ground. As of last night he still hadn't come. I've sic'd Hubs on him today. I'm going to have him call and give him the "man talk" and glare at him over the phone so hopefully he'll come today. It is supposed to snow 1-3" again tomorrow.
  • Because of lots of extra stuff going on I've not been at work much lately, that means I haven't had access to good internet – so that's another reason I've been behind.
  • I went to the big city on Monday to have some maintence performed on my car. Afterwards, I went to my parents' house (the first time since before Thanksgiving!) and although my mother was gone to lunch with friends, I spent a good three hours of quality time with my dad. I'll post more about that later. Suffice it to say, I think we may actually have been communicating. Scary.
  • I had my appointment with the neurologist yesterday. After convincing him I'd only had one neck surgery (he said it appeared from the x-rays that I'd had one from the back as well – I told him that was where the aliens must have worked on me…thankfully, he has a good sense of humor! ) First he scared the crap out of Hubs by telling us he thought he could get us in tomorrow (today) for surgery. Well, I was all for it, but Hubs wasn't prepared that quickly. Poor fella can't adapt to change quite that fast. The doc ended up having some meeting he couldn't get out of, so it wouldn't work after all. Much to my disappointment. I'm now scheduled for Monday the 21st to have the herniated disc removed and the bones fused. They tell me the neck brace can be taken off two days before my sons' wedding, and although I may have to have it put back on afterwards, at least I won't have to have pictures with it! I'll be laid up for a few weeks, but hopefully the internet will be fixed and I can have my laptop with me and will probably be a better blog-visitor than I've been lately!
  • Monday was Nicole's birthday! Go wish her a belated birthday … and tell her Sue sent ya. She'll understand why you're late!

So, those are my excuses. I'm just deadlocked at the moment… in motion, but not really getting anywhere. You should see my calendar for the next month! I swear, there is so much going on it is nuts! Between appointments for fittings (who knew you had to make an appointment to get fitted for a neck brace?) and pre-op appoinment (to keep you from croaking on the operating table) to post-op appointments and wedding stuff and year-end farm tax and bank stuff… and on and on it goes… I'm exhausted just thinking about it all! 

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20 thoughts on “Experiencing Deadlock”

  1. I was wondering where you’ve been hiding. I figured that it had something to do with your inet.

    I hope you life settles down soon. I know I hate when I’m running around like a head with my chicken cut off.

    Oh, since you asked (a bit ago to be sure) my Bday is the 12th of this cold, frozen month.


  2. Weddings will swamp you under normal circumstances… holy cow! Take it as easy as you can. Have your neck brace with you during the entire wedding and then only take it off for pictures so you don’t over tire your neck. Hang in there – it will all get done!

  3. The Mother wore a neck brace for The Brother’s wedding, but hers was more an attention-getting thing. (Really, the woman NEEDS to have all attention on her all of the time.) Hopefully, you will be well enough to be able to have pics taken without it! BUT, your health definitely comes first, which I KNOW you know. 🙂 Take care.

  4. Sue..I don’t know how you do it. Just hang in there, and remember that we are all here, thinking about you, and always wishing the very best for our friend.

  5. Well, it’s a good thing that you’re going to get fixed soon and put an end to that pain. No worries on not coming around, I think there are very few of us that can do it everyday or keep it up for too long:)

  6. Ah, Sue i was wondeing about you…I hate that you are havung surgery but glad you are going to get relief from your pain! Buy some good books to read…Pillars of the Earth, if you havn’t read it yet and Kite Runner and the next one ( I can’t remember the name) all awesome reads, but require some attention on your part. Hope you have internet time, but it might be nice to break from it and enjoy your own world for a bit…soul and body recovery!! Well I hope it all goes well, keep you in our prayers. Post the wedding plans as they happen, i love to hear about weddings!!!

  7. Good luck with the surgery and wishing you a speedy recovery. Now if you get speakers you can download and listen to my show to help with the boredom. 🙂

  8. There comes a time when all of us must actually *sigh*….take care of ourselves before our blogs ;). I hope everything goes well with your procedure.

    p.s. – I like this template the best of all of them!

  9. I’m sending you good vibes starting now that the surgery goes well. I’ve never had major surgery and it always impresses me how many people don’t stress out about it. I get totally freaked about the whole idea of it.

  10. Hang in kid..I know that neck surgery ain’t exactly like a picnic or a romp in the hayloft but maybe it will fix the problem..good luck!

  11. Sue, I’m so sorry I missed all this health stuff. That surgery sounds intense but that it will be successful. I hope your internet gets fixed before then.

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts {{Hug}}

  12. I’ve been with the masses wondering about you, too. You’ll be in my prayers with your surgery + everything else that’s coming up. Try not to get too far ahead of yourself. (Funny advice, I know, coming from me!) Anything you can delegate or “direct” from a chair? 🙂 Glad to hear you had that time with your dad and that the two of you talked. I look forward to that blog when you’re ready to share & have internet access. Take care!

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