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When my children were little, "Annie" was a huge hit. We had a baby music box that played "Tomorrow" on it that I swear became the reason Emily had to watch "Annie" over and over and over again when she was a bit older. (It had nothing to do with the fact she had red hair…) Somehow, whenever the topic came up of when something was going to happen in our household, my eldest son would say "Someday tomorrow". It became a catch-phrase in our house and also became known as comparable to the phrase "the second Tuesday of next week". In other words, if something was going to happen 'someday tomorrow', the likelihood of it happening was pretty slim.

Remember when I contacted the internet repairman on Monday he said he'd be out "tomorrow or the next day"? Um…yeah. Guess who didn't show up? Hubs called him Wednesday and left a message on his machine letting him know I needed the internet repaired so I could work from home. Obviously he wasn't impressed. Yesterday we lucked out. We were supposed to get 1-3" of snow and parts of the state got over 4". We got a dusting. Hubs called the service guy again about noon. This time he got him 'live' and told him I was having surgery and needed to have the internet repaired so I could work from home. His response? "I'll be out tomorrow afternoon."  For those of you keeping track, that would be today. This afternoon. Should we start a pool? No… too depressing. I propose we try an experiment. On the day of my surgery, I'm going to ask all of you to take a minute in your morning to send a good thought for me out into the universe (if you believe in God, pray, if not… just that universal thing works for me!). I'm nothing if not willing to accept positive thinking from you all. As I mentioned, experimentally, lets all focus for a minute at noon today (CST) and send a silent thought to my internet serviceman. It can be nothing more than "get your ass to Sue's house"… but c'mon, give it a try. Let's see if we can boost this guy off his backside and get my internet working again! I know we can do it if we all join together!

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18 thoughts on “Someday Tomorrow”

  1. Tell me where he is, and I’ll come haul his lazy ass out of his chair, and kick it all the way to your house.

    I hate strongly dislike shoddy business practices.


  2. Well of course, we’ll send good vibes for the guy to come AND for your surgery. Now I totally can’t remember when it is though… you’ll remind me right?

  3. How ’bout you give us all the repairman’s e-mail address so’s we can spam him with “I need to get in touch with Sue and since you haven’t fixed her Internet yet, would you please deliver this message when you DO go out there?”


  4. Oh, Annie. And cue the nostalgia. Growing up my sister watched Annie repeatedly and even after all this time I can still hear “It’s a hard knock life” at the back of my mind. Nice, now I’m not going to be able to get that song out of my head all day 😉

  5. If he doesn’t show – is there someone higher up your husband can go after? This is ridiculous. Or maybe he did show up and I’m just late today… I hope so!

    Absolutely prayers, good wishes, and all appendages crossed for an uneventful surgery and rapid recovery.

  6. Maybe hubs should quote Bill Murray from “Groundhog Day” when he asked the telephone operator “Is it snowing in space?”

  7. I hate to suggest it, but maybe you need to get nasty with Mr. Internet. I’ve had to do that to people in the past and as retarded as this is, they treated me with more respect afterwards. Stupid, I know, and it shouldn’t be necessary, but some people don’t operate on the “treat others as you’d like to be treated” philosophy so you have to give them a little kick in the ass.

  8. Does he have a supervisor? I’d be talking to the place where I send the money each month and say – send the bill to the repair man – he isn’t fixing the known problem, My internet doesn’t work. If you can get the repair department to fix this problem I’ll pay my bill.

    I say this, but I wouldn’t really do it – I would call the Supervisor – ask them to get someone out there to fix it.

  9. Well I totally missed the “get your butt out to Sue’s” positive thinking hour, but don’t think I won’t be sending a shitton of positive thinking to you the day of your surgery.

  10. Well, heck…I didn’t get around to reading here, til way past the sending out the prayers-and-positive-thoughts time, so I’ll start right now! 🙂

    How does that guy, or the company, get away with that kind of business?

  11. Annie has stayed with me all these years too. In fact, random enough, even to this day, anytime anyone utters the phrase “years ago”, in my mind I always finish it with “Years ago. Years and years ago her parents were killed in a fire!” Ahh the things that inexplicably stick with ya.:)

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