This may be hard to see, but if you look closely it appears the tree is covered in red ribbons. The ribbons? Male cardinals. Although this picture was taken a couple of years ago, it could have been taken this morning. We had a snowstorm overnight bringing us "officially" 4-5", but "unofficially" more like 6". I stayed home from work (because I could – yeah Jammie Day!) and went out in my p.j.'s to scoop off the back deck and feed the birds. Not a half an hour later, I began to count and every time I tried to the number increased. When I called Hubs he said they were on their cell phones calling each other to let them know where the grub was! LOL! At any rate, I gave up counting at about 25. Of course, this is just the males, too, as they stand out so brightly in the snow. There were almost an equal number of female cardinals, the woodpeckers who are drawn to the suet, the blue jays, the chickadees, the finches, and the squirrels.  A bit later I looked out to see the trees equally covered with crows! They are huge! I went and shoo-ed them away so the smaller birds could come back.

A perfect morning. The fire is going in the fireplace, our eldest cat is laying on the hearth "on the spit" as we laugh, as she rolls around in the heat. We always wait for her to spontaneously to burst into flames. Can't believe she will lay so close and not get overheated! The pups have taken a few minutes off of running madly through the house, shedding the snow they so conveniently rolled in while outside, to rest and warm up. The big male cat is intent on watching all the birds through the slider, dreaming perhaps of the day when he would be able to go out and play with them. The rest of our lazy felines have found themselves curled up on the bed, basking in the warmth of the electric blanket I've just turned off.

I know I should be putting away Christmas decorations and cleaning the house in preparation for being laid up. I should be getting my internet network going. I should be making sure the laundry is caught up and I have clean sheets to put on the bed for next week… and so Hubs doesn't go naked. As much as I appreciate it, he doesn't.

Instead, I think I'll just fix myself another cup of cocoa and snuggle down with a comfy blanket and a good book in front of the fireplace and the slider and enjoy the moment. Take a few minutes to enjoy the moment in your day, too, okay?

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9 thoughts on “Ribbons”

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of Cardinals. Awesome snapshot of them!

    Just veg out and enjoy your peace and quiet. 🙂 Things will be demanding and stressful soon enough. {Hug}

  2. Wow…that does sound like a perfect day!

    What more could you wish for, unless it would be that Hubs could be there with you on those perfect days, too?

    I wouldn’t worry about all the ‘shoulds’ either, if I were you! 🙂

  3. Don’t make me think about hubs walking around nekked! At least show him how to do laundry if he needs it.

    My Chaos has taken to flopping down on a heat register in the floor, all four legs sprawled out and belly pressed against the grates this winter. Even Nutmeg stares at him like he’s insane when she passes by. Nutmeg is at sentry no matter what the season, she keeps her post in the window, posing for passer-byers, and taunting other critters in the cold (or heat as the season depicts).

    I spent my day running around shopping, a little car care maintenance, ate lunch at a new restaraunt, stopped at the feed and grain for beast food, quibbled with the housekeeper, played a victorious round of shuffleboard with the cronies, and reviewed the 1st shipment of EYES that were waiting for me when I got home.

    All and all, not a particularly bad day at all.

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