Yes, you knew that. Em was good to let you all know. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have all been wonderful. You did your job well on Monday and I came through surgery just fine. I knew you could do it! I'm taking the lazy way out and just thanking you all 'lump sum', instead of my normal individual reply and hope you will be understanding for a bit at my laziness.

I think she pretty well hit the high points. I'm tucked inside the house after a rather bumpy ride home Tuesday afternoon. I think the wind chill this morning was -25. Glad I didn't have to be out in it. I'm managing to get around okay, although there have been no sack races or games of twister, the days are going by slowly drifting in and out of sleep. I found two more drugs that apparently my system doesn't think I need – Valium and Fentanyl (sp?). They ended up giving me Skelaxin and sticking with the Tylenol 3. The nurses really, really wanted to give me Oxycontin, and seemed more disappointed than I when I reported it didn't work for me.

I will admit to being a bit depressed, but am sure it will pass. I think I'm feeling somewhat disappointed that I didn't have the dramatic improvement this time that I had the last time I went through this. I came out of surgery with (still) very sore shoulders and neck and now a lovely brace to go with it. I can tell there is some improvement in that I can move my arms without the sharp pains I had and the doctor tells me probably a lot of that shoulder pain is from the extreme position they have to put the body in to do the surgery. I'm going to hold that thought and remember it has only been a couple of days and will just assume it will get better as it heals.

I was able to take a bath today, which was nice, although no showers until Saturday. I'll be looking forward to that a lot!

My kids have been the best – and Emily has been a rock star. She hung out with her dad all day while I was in surgery, then went to work late in the afternoon, went to a class project meeting, and came back out to the hospital to sit in an uncomfortable chair until the wee hours watching over me. She's been back and forth and wearing herself out being my helper and she deserves a huge pat on the back. Hubs and youngest son just took off for Texas this morning and will be gone until Sunday. It's a class tied in with son's racing, so she's been put in charge of my well-being. Son's fiance' is a nurse, too, so that helps and she's only a couple of miles away.

Thank you again everyone for all your kind words and well wishes. It really means more than you know.

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33 thoughts on “Alive!”

  1. so very relieved to see a post from you. it’s pretty boring being in recovery from illness/surgery so i hope you find ways to amuse yourself. and take it easy will ya! we need you back better than ever.


  2. we even got a laugh out of it…”drowning in your neck brace”….hahahahaha! Still chuckling…hiope the road to recovery is a smooth one, get well and hurry back!

  3. I”m glad you’re feeling well enough to be here for a little while. Just remember not to try to get ahead of things..let nature take its course in the healing…you’ll be fine!

    Gosh, I don’t know what it is with you and the drugs…it must be hard knowing exactly how much anesthesia to administer for surgery!

    I’m soooo glad you are okay, my friend!

  4. So glad to see your post! You’ve been in my thoughts & prayers the past few days. Take it easy and keep drifting in and out of sleep as your body needs it! What a great way to heal! Be blessed in your recovery!

  5. Glad everything went well and they didn’t change your gender without your permission. You’re in our prayers.

  6. Glad to here you’re well enough to write. 🙂 It will get better soon. (I hope.)

    Insert whatever platitude you need to hear here.

  7. It will take a while to feel better – and you’ll be sore , I think they practically turn you into a pretzel! Enjoy the view from the window -and trust me when I say – 23 was very cold, so I am sure -25 is also very cold.

  8. So glad you’re feeling ok and were able to post. I have been wondering how you were going. Take it easy and rest up, you’ll be taking down those Christmas decorations before you know it!!!

  9. Great to hear from you again, Sue!! You just take it easy and rest. you’ll be feeling great before you know it. What awesome kids you have!! 🙂

  10. You need to get some sheets of stickers & start decorating that brace. Hee hee! Or magnets! Curling ribbon! – Oh I know, a yarn cozy!
    Glad you’re able to visit via the ‘net, and STAY WARM!

  11. I’m so glad you’re starting to feel a bit better. Do remember that anesthesia has an effect on mood and it takes time (more time as you get older) to get it out of your system. Give yourself a few months – yes I said months not days – for those effects to be gone.

    And yes, the docs probably did have you in a very awkward position for a long period of time. That on top of the tension already there due to pain will keep you sore for longer than you might expect.

    If the twinging is gone – that’s excellent! It means that the nerves aren’t being pinched anymore. Things should be looking up from now on. Yay!!!

  12. Take it easy on yourself. The anesthesia can cause some depression (depending on what they used and your reactions to it) so keep an eye on it and tell your doctor if it doesn’t fade off. Here’s to hoping you’re back causing trouble soon 🙂

  13. *hugs* Glad to hear you are doing well and feeling a bit better (even if it isn’t as much right now as you’d like). 🙂 Also? If you’re going to decorate your brace, don’t forget stencils and glitter pens! Hee

  14. Good to have you back. It’s great to hear that the surgery went so well. But oxycontin???? That’s synthetic morphine. It’s what Hospice gave my dad in the last stages of leukemia. Stay away from that stuff.

  15. welcome to the road of recovery Sue! Most doctors won’t tellyou this but if you put a plastic bag over th injured area, you can use the shower. Oh wait, neck brace and stuff…
    Maybe you can wait til Doc says it’s ok.

  16. Sorry I’m so late getting around Sue, but I wanted to say how glad I am that everything went smoothly and that you’re not in toooooo much pain. I hope that shoulder soreness wears off soon for you:)

  17. Hello Sue, I hope everything went alright and your soon back on your feet again. I haven’t been in blog world for a while. Take it easy and get better. Best wishes.

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