I Could Swear I Lived in Iowa

Waking up this morning I had the impression I was living in the Arctic Circle… or Alaska. The actual temperature this morning as we were going to my physical therapy appointment was -13 degrees. That doesn't tell the whole story. The wind chill made it something like -40. This is stupid. Remember me? I'm the one who likes winter. I'm the one who enjoys the snowfall and the crisp white frost on the trees. I enjoy cuddling in the house next to the firepace and a herd (gaggle? nest?) of snoozing, purring, cats. I'm the winter gal.


Even I'm ready for a bit of a thaw now, 'kay? 

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11 thoughts on “I Could Swear I Lived in Iowa”

  1. Sue, you really have to remember to close the freezer door when you are done.

    Just kidding.

    the good news?
    Your gun toting inbred neighbors have moved away.
    the bad news,
    Dr. Victor Fries just moved in. Tell me does he really look just like Arnold?

  2. Physical thereapy was probably bad enough, without having to go out into the frigid cold, but soon, soon, it will be warm again, and you will have all this stuff behind you…just think how good you’re gonna feel then! 🙂

  3. We are coming out of another cold snap and will have nice temps–in the 30s–this weekend. But, then, it will be back to the Arctic cold! I don’t expect any sustained warm up for AT LEAST another 4-6 weeks here. Yeah, winter can be so fun.

  4. Amen! Yesterday, I drove home with the temp showing -4. Disgusting. The worst part, though, was I had rolled down the driver’s side window at the bank and then couldn’t get it back up, and had to drive three miles home. 55 mph + -4 = sucks.

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