Golf Widow Steps In*

I'm guest-posting for Sue today.  Nothing wrong; she's still getting back into the swing of things, but I'm unemployed and Sue is helping me not feel worthless by giving me occupation.

I've been doing a lot of guest-posting lately, for that very reason.  I could mope around and feel sorry for myself, or I could get up on a weekday, put on the coffee, jump into the shower, get dressed, and come back to the computer and write. 

I'm actually selling my guest posts, for $2 apiece.  Most people are complaining that I'm lowballing myself, and I probably am, but I'd rather hear someone say, "This is worth much more than $2!" than "This isn't worth what you charged me – I want my money back!"

If you're interested in purchasing a guest post yourself, you may visit my site to see how.

You also get a link back to your blog, so even if you decide my writing sucks, you can at least say, "Well, I helped someone in need, and I got a little bit of traffic to my own site."

So far, no one has asked for a refund. 

As regards the guest posts themselves, obviously it's easier for me to write about what I know; if I can find some common ground with the blog in question, so much the better. 

The hardest two groups for me to guest post with are knitting blogs and mommy blogs.  I can't even do simple crochet without messing up, and I have no children. 

I tend to approach both sets of writers the same way:  I appreciate and admire their end products, but I have no basis for comparison in my own life.

Recently, one mommy blog for whom I was guesting discussed instant gratification versus waiting for good things, in general, and iPods in particular.  The discussion stemmed

from an argument with her husband over whether to give their daughter her graduation present iPod right away (mommy's side) versus making her wait and "earn it" (daddy's side).

This is something with which I have quite a lot of experience.  I really wanted to write a piece about the entire subject: both instant gratification, and iPods, and the relationship of one to the other.

My problem was that I disagreed with the mommy in question, and I felt I had no right to do so, having never been a parent.  I wound up discarding this topic as a potential guest post for that mommy blog and wrote something completely different. 

But the subject rankled.  And Sue gave me free rein to write whatever I wanted, so mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

My whole life has been a series of waiting, and often, settling or compromising.  The iPod was no exception. 

I would have bought one right away, but I felt I couldn't justify it, since we had so many bills and other, more immediate needs that had to be covered by our existing budget, and an iPod was a luxury.

Eventually, I did get my iPod, and I do love it.  Also, I appreciate it a lot more because although I had to wait for it, it's the one I wanted … not a knockoff, a hand-me-down, or a rebuild, like many of the other items I've had to wait for or settle for in my lifetime. 

Here's where I really diverged from the mommy's argument. As we've established, I have no right to an opinion.  But I have been a kid before, so I do have a different point of view.

When I was a kid, occasionally I'd say, "I want thus-and-such" and someone would get it for me, then say, "By the way, this means you're not getting anything for your birthday," or the holidays, or Valentine's, or whatever. 

I always felt very ripped off.  It's not about "earning it" or whatever – it's just that I'd rather have waited.  Not having any gifts to open on graduation day would have sucked. 

Fortunately for me, my own parents bought me the gold necklace I wanted and didn't give it to me till dinner on graduation night. 

I still wear and treasure that necklace, and the pride in their eyes when they handed it to me is etched in my memory.  I hope that other mommy's daughter will feel the same way when she receives her iPod, whether she gets it early or waits till graduation day.

(I at least hope she has it for a while before she loses it or breaks it.  I can envision my mom now, saying to me, "Why should we get you another necklace?  You only graduated from high school once.")

* Golf Widow is someone I've admired for a long time. You'll find her over on my list under "Fame". I purchased her book long before I actually "spoke" to her in cyberspace and found her to be incredibly intelligent, funny, and a great writer. She has fallen on some hard times and although she won't accept more than $2 to guest post, you can go buy her book. She has links on her site. Go on… you know you want to. We can all use a little help sometimes. Thanks for posting, GW… good job!

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  1. thats so funny because I wanted an Ipod…..but being saturated in debt, could not justify spending $200 on music….My 20 year old college son gave me one for Christmas!! Ha!

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