Physical therapist says "We'll see how it goes" before he gives me clearance to go back to work. I asked him how we'd know… "If I get in a crash, I flunk?"…  He laughed.

I don't care. WATCH OUT PEOPLE. I'm going out tomorrow to do "errands"… I don't care if it is Saturday and I have to fight the crowds. I am just going to enjoy the going by myself. Just me and Skippy. (My car). She's missed me… she told me so. 

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13 thoughts on “Wheels”

  1. Z is mad at me because she has sat in the driveway for a couple of weeks and is feeling neglected. Tomorrow I will install her new alternator and give her a bath, and maybe go out for a ride. She makes me feel guilty.

    Don’t let her know I am thinking of selling her.

    So give Skippy some Super, and enjoy your mobility.

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