So, here's today's question… "What would you do?"

I have a program that allows my computer to link to my work computer. It basically "takes over" my computer at work and allows me to do anything from home that I can do at work, using my work computer. My work computer is used by some of my co-workers when I'm not there. Mainly to surf the 'net. In the past I have had issues with porn sites (did I mention I work with all men?) When I log into my computer from home it immediately takes control of the computer and, depending on the settings, it generally blacks out the screen and takes all control away from the mouse and keyboard at work.

The other day I logged in from home and when the window opened up I could see whoever was on my computer at work was job hunting…

Do you suppose when they were sitting there and the screen went black and there was nothing they could do they freaked a bit? Talk about busted!

Now, here's the question. I'm 99% sure who the culprit was. Would you say something to the boss (keep in mind we are going to be getting into a busy season again when spring hits and being short-handed is not a good thing.) or, is that just a rat-bastard thing to do and you would let it slide?

I don't like other people on my computer when I'm not there and they know it. They also know I've had the porn issue and others and that is one reason I hate sharing. Unfortunately, I can't put a password on the computer because there are definate work-related files that others need to be able to access if I'm gone. Maybe I should just accept that this person probably shit a brick learned his lesson and it won't be an issue any longer…


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