Choked Up

How many of you have choked while eating? Swallowed wrong…something went "down the wrong pipe"? Coughing, gagging, hacking away until your chest burns with fire and throwing up is a distinct possibility. The nasal passages get swollen almost immediately and a runny nose compounds the situation. You can feel the food sitting right there at the opening to the 'wrong way' and know if you can just cough enough you'll get it up, yet every tentative breath you try to take feels as though it is going to suck it down further where it never belonged.

I've mentioned before how I sometimes do this with saliva. Dumb as it sounds, I seem to 'aspirate' it and it causes me to choke and sputter and carry on something horrible. It can happen at the strangest times, too, with no rhyme or reason.

Last night, though, it was food… but the type of food was what made it so strange. Jello. Plain strawberry jello. As I coughed and coughed I could feel it just there… almost on the verge of coming out, but when I tried to take a shallow breath, it felt as though I was sucking it further in. My mind was racing… wondering if it would just melt, dissolve away. I knew it wasn't exactly stuck in my throat, so hemlich manuevers would be useless. Yet… it caused me all the pain and reaction that a huge chunk of beef, for example, would have caused.

Today I feel like I've had a few rounds with Mike Tyson. My sore shoulders are even more sore as is my chest. I don't think I've pulled anything, just put it all through a massive workout. For a bite of jello, trapped in the 'wrong pipe'. Crazy, huh?

Is it just me or do you guys have weird things like this happen? What's your weirdest quirk?

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15 thoughts on “Choked Up”

  1. Scary! The worst thing about choking is how the panic increases the problem. I am not sure what my weirdest quirk is. I seem to have many of them.

  2. Ridiculous as it may sound, choking with no one around to save me is a real fear of mine. This is probably because I eat too fast (read: inhale) and it happens often. One day I’m going to need the Heimlich, and I haven’t taught my dog that yet.

  3. gagging when I brush my teeth.
    the family trend of coughing then sneezing.
    ocd about facing shelves and stacking some things, like empty cups.
    one of my ears just goes silent sometimes and then slowly comes back in.
    writing lists in groups of 5.

  4. I totally have a fear of choking while I’m home alone. I eat slowly and such, but I’m afraid I’ll start to cough in the middle of a bite and suck the food down and be totally in trouble. Additionally, I should teach my kids that sometimes (though I don’t do this!), mommy’s not kidding when she clutches for her throat and gasps so they’ll call for help!

  5. I’ve got chronic sinus problems. When they get real bad, they drain down the back of my throat, and every once in aa while I will go into a choking fit. People look at me with concern and ask if I’m OK.

    “Fine here, just choking on a lung full of snot”.

  6. I nearly died in my office from a piece of pork that I hadn’t chewed enough. I had all that. Damn we are designed oddly no?

  7. You’re an amazing woman! Who knew anyone could have a workout like that with jello?! 🙂 You might be able to write a bestseller….The Jello Abs Workout…. No, that probably wouldn’t work….how about…Forget Sucking Air, Suck Jello Workout….No, that really isn’t so good either…. hmmmm….

    You know me. What IS my weirdest quirk? 🙂

    Glad you’re okay. Really. 🙂

  8. Weirdest quirk? Sharts… yunno, when you think yer gonna fart, but…? Throwing up a little in my mouth at the mention of pinworms? Peeing myself at Hilly’s peeing myself comment? You choose.

  9. My Mom used to have this problem a lot. Several times a year anyway.

    I’ve heard there are actually medical conditions which cause this. Maybe mention it to your doctor next time you see him/her?

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  10. I have choked on my own air before and damn near died…and once i sucked in a piece of hard candy i was chewing on and when i choked and coughed it all spewed out my nose…it hurt.

  11. I’ve broken my nose three times. When I take a shower, water in my ears goes into my nose and throat. I can’t explain it, but it hurts. Sometimes just washing my face, the soap somehow makes it into my mouth through my nose or even my eyes, even if my eyes are closed. I don’t get it, but it happens often. If I tilt my head back and water gets into my ears, I feel it in my throat.

    If I puke, it definitely comes out my nose, so I have to hold my nose when I puke or I get a sinus infection because I’m prone to those.

    And I choke on my own spit, too. And gag when I brush my teeth. What can I say? I’m a freak, but I’m in good company. 😉

  12. OK, this is the weirdest one that ever happened to me – one of those DQ dipped cones? Dipped in the faux-chocolate that hardens? Uh, yeah. I got a goodly-sized piece of it in my mouth, must’ve inhaled suddenly, and it completely sealed off my windpipe at the back of my throat.

    WHILE DRIVING. Talk about panic! LOL! And just what I want on my tombstone: Death by Ice Cream Cone.

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