I saw this story last week on our local news and had a hard time wrapping my brain around it. For those of you who don't want to jump to the link, it is a story out of Muncie, Indiana, about a man who forced his 7-year old daughter to kill the family cat with a knife. He originally tried to force his 11-year old son into it, but the son hid the cat and put ketchup on the knife, thinking he would fool his dad.

The dad's comment? He wanted to teach his kids how to kill.


I can't imagine what this would do to a child. I've heard the horror stories of when parents go beserk and kill the family pet in front of the kids, but to actually make the kids do the killing? It just leaves me sickened.

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8 thoughts on “Warped”

  1. I saw the article and was floored. I can’t imagine what was going through the guys mind.

    I am not of the opinion that animals have more rights than people like some fur huggers. After all, we had a farm and I killed my share of domestic animals for food, a task I never enjoyed, But forcing a kid to kill the family pet is WAY over the line.

    It would be interresting to do a psychological workup on this guy. I would say Psychopathic Personality.

  2. Back in high school (I think junior year) we read a poem about a couple of parents who, to punish their teenage daughter, handed her a gun and commanded her to kill her pet dog.

    The daughter put the gun into her mouth and pulled the trigger.

    The parents got charged with animal abuse.

  3. Just more proof that some folks should never reproduce.

    Take this fucker out and put a couple in his dome. Do us all a favor.


  4. It killed me when, as an adult, I found out that my favorite cat had been put down years earlier instead of ran away like I was told. I can’t imagine what I would have gone through if I was forced to KILL my pet. Yup, some peolpe just shouldn’t reproduce…and should be sterilized to make sure they don’t!

  5. If you read the story carefully – you’ll see that he tried to make the kids kill the cat. The boy tried to fool the dad (what a brave kid – he had to know it would make the man angry if he found out!), then he forced the girl to stab the cat… but it sounds like she must have been putting up a fight too because it turns out he ended up killing the cat himself. *sigh*

    My problem is (and naturally the story doesn’t cover this at all!!!) – why did this man have unsupervised access to the children? They are already living with grandparents. Was it a judge’s order or are the grandparents responsible for letting this man traumatize these children when they were supposed to be with the kids?

    We can’t tell from the story because the reporter apparently didn’t think anything other than the killing of the cat was worth reporting – or the editor may have cut the story down for the sake of space. Hard to tell…

    But Geeze. Did this guy just go bonkers and suddenly he’s out of control? Or is this a known issue and the kids were left to fend for themselves. Or did a judge not believe there was a problem and so wouldn’t order supervised visits? I’m very sorry for the cat because that was a horrible thing – but I believe these questions are more important in the long run. Once again the system fails – yet we have no idea where and no idea if it’s something that could be fixed.

  6. That is really sad. I try so hard to shield my kids from the horror of the world that I can’t imagine wanting them to “learn how to kill” or whatever. It makes me so sad for everyone involved!

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