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As you can see – over there – I have quite a few sites I like to keep up on. For the past few months, however, I've been pretty lax in my blog reading. It has gotten into the same compartment in my brain as the Christmas decorations. The one that says "maybe tomorrow". Yea Gods! That reminds me of the woman who wouldn't come out of the bathroom. I'm not quite to that point yet!

At any rate, I hear people talking about "feed readers". I'm thinking that is some kind of a thing that tells you when someone posts something new, as opposed to my method which is to just go down the list, open each blog, and search to see what I've missed or if anything has been posted lately. This as most of you know is pretty time consuming, especially when there may be several who don't update daily or weekly… or who have fallen off the planet entirely without letting anyone know. (I hate when that happens!)

So… my question is this. Do you use a feed reader, and if so, which one? How simple is it to use? Is it pretty reliable? (Okay, that's several questions… bite me.) Oh, yeah, and where can I find it? Does it link to my blog in anyway – I mean, is it a plug-in or something stand-alone?

There. I think that's the gist of it all. I thank you in advance. My time management coach thanks you in advance. (If you believe I actually have a time management coach, raise your hand… I'm going to have to slap you now.)

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24 thoughts on “A Little Info, Please”

  1. You’ve already got a gmail account so you could easily use Google Reader. That’s what I use. I used to employ your current method but Snackie sold me on the Reader. Sometimes posts come through there late which is tedious and some blogs don’t have a feed set up which is annoying. Sadly, since I have started using the Reader, if a blog doesn’t have a feed, I am waaaaaay less likely to remember to go visit it. Why can’t everyone get with the program!? 😉

    Join Google Reader. You won’t regret it. Plus there is a share option so you get to see what others are reading. I’ve found some really cool new blogs that way!

  2. I use, and enjoy, Bloglines. You really don’t need to know about feeds in order to get it to work and then you visit it every day to see all the wonderful new posts which definitely saves you from checking sites constantly only to see no one has updated.

  3. I used to use one but it went bonkers so I dropped it. I had forgotten how handy it was. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. I just read this post in my Google Reader deal. I actually just set it up this week, after employing the “go thru my history” method of keeping up with blog reads (a huge time sucker!). I like being able to just log into the gmail and see where I have to go to see new writing, and so far, I’ve had very little problem with it, other than it sometimes goes a bit wonky, and it shows me as an abbreviated version of my (way too long!) blog name (which shouldn’t really bother me, but it kind of does, especially if I’m just starting to comment on a blog and I’ve been one version of myself and then another).

    Long comment short, definitely create a way to read the blogs you want to thru Reader or such. You’ll save a ton of time!

  5. I use google reader. I am addicted to the share feature.

    I find that I am reading more blogs in less time (and you can get news feeds too.)

    Very easy to set up.

  6. I use Bloglines–you don’t have to actually click on the blog either. You can read the post from the Bloglines page.

  7. Yes,and I use FeedDemon, which is the same as NewsGator online, except you install it on your computer.

    It is rated the highest.

    Google FeedDemon or NewsGator and you can download it. Email me if you have any issues with it.

  8. Mine is a specific software that I paid for called FeedDemon but I also have a Google Reader account and love it. You can share items with your friends or just plain read through then click when you want to actually comment! There are notifiers for the thing and it is really much easier than going link to link.

  9. I’ve been using Bloglines for over three years now. It’s extremely user-friendly and I can read most posts right from the actual site, as opposed to having to open a new tab or window. (You do have to go right to the source site to comment, as I am doing today.)

  10. Bloglines for me AND… since you’re running WordPress, you can also build your own feed-reader page with the BDP RSS Aggregator plugin. Means all your favorite NEW posts get pulled onto a page on YOUR site. Shoot me an email & I can fill you in. Ironically enough, MY blog can’t supply a feed as long as it’s in privacy mode.

  11. LOL Apparently, you and I are the only two NOT using a feed reader! I just read all the comments because I have the same question. I read blogs the same way you do. Apparently I too have to get with the program. God, this technology is too much sometimes.

    Great post Sue! I needed it too 🙂

  12. I used Bloglines for a couple of years and it was great. Recently, it flaked out on me and stopped updating a couple of my favorite sites. So, I switched to google reader. What I found, was that it was updating properly AND the feeds with dynamic content like videos also came through, whereas they did not with Bloglines.

    In conclusion, go to http://google.com/reader and add your “subscriptions” there. For most sites, you can just type in the URL and the reader will find the feed. For some, you might have to use the search feature.

  13. well i use the old fashion click each link method…its just more fun to me to open each blog and maybe find a nice new post…i guess it is time consuming but then i am picky about which ones i read so i don’t have but about a dozen I check daily……

  14. Hello Sue, I understand what you mean. I try my best to keep up with checking on others blogs, but I often find it hard to get the time. I end up getting tied up around the house or with the kids and hubby. I’ve never heard of bloglines. Maybe I’ll look into it.

  15. I love Feed Demon – especially now that it’s free. It’s basically a “stand alone” little program. It’s very easy to add feeds. Open your browser to the blog you want to get the feed for… right click on the url, flip back to feed demon and click subscribe… the url will already be in the little box. Then you add it to the folder you want that feed to be in.

    If it can’t grab the feed automagically – you can usually find those little “feed buttons” on the sidebar of the blog – click that and it will let you add it to feed demon.

    I created different folders because I have so many blogs – I have a Mon-Wed-Fri and a Tues-Thurs-Sat and a Seldom Posted (for those on the roll who may only post once a month or so)

    The other thing I like is that it creates an online list too – so when you travel – you can always access the online list from wherever you are and it will sync with your desktop.

    Also, if a feed changes – in other words the address of a certain feed changes for some reason – feed demon will let you know and update it for you. It took a little time to get used to – but I love it now and couldn’t do without it.


  16. I should probably look into using one, but I’ve also heard htat it’s not always accurate b/c people have said that they haven’t dropped by b/c their reader didn’t update them on my blog when I’d posted several times. I’ve been so slow getting around lately that by the time I make it around, jsut about everyone has posted something:)

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