• Thanks, everyone for the help on the last post. I'm leaning toward the Google reader just because I have gmail, but am wondering if there is a way to organize the subscriptions on there? That sounded rather appealing about the Demon one – being able to organize them. Maybe Google does too and I just haven't explored it well enough? I see it is going to be nice once it is set up, but time consuming to set up. In the mean time I may miss some reading just trying to get organized. Story of my life.
  • Spring is slowly creeping into the midwest. We've had a bit warmer temps and the boxelder bugs are thick. We've had a bit of snow here and there, but it is to the point it isn't sticking and the piles we have remaining are looking pretty dirty and sad. I have some tulip or something bulbs just barely coming up (I'm not sure what they will turn out to be until they come up further.) We're starting to get more rain and thunderstorms are predicted for later this week.
  • I am still having shoulder trouble and continuing physical therapy. I did have my 8 week after-surgery doctor checkup (another two hour wait, three minute consult!) and saw the x-rays of my surgery. Amazing what they can do. Truly. I'm still driving. No accidents (knock on wood). I am working about 3 hours a day and just heard one of the guys say he's going to go get soil samples today… that means spring IS officially here. Oh, yeah… also got the hospital bill. Thank God for insurance. Seriously. I'd already gotten part of the bill, and then after having seen this… I honestly don't know how people get along without insurance. Even though our deductible is high, it is so necessary for things like this. It is so scary to think of having young children these days without it. Okay, that could be a whole other post as well.
  • I have an Easter rant, but I'll save it for tomorrow… gotta spread the posts out a little bit!

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  1. I have folders in Google Reader! I still like my FeedDemon the best but if you want a free one, yep you can organize it there too.

  2. The early decorative plum and cherry trees are in bloom, The magnolias are not quite in bloom, and the tree pollen is high.

    But I still have to scrape ice off of the car windows in the morning.

  3. Spring?!?!?!? What’s that??? We are just about halfway through our winter, for heaven’s sake! 🙂 In all actuality, we will probably get some periods of significant snowfall through the middle of April. We HAVE had big snow storms the beginning of May, but those aren’t normal. By the end of March our temps SHOULD moderate and we can start believing that, at some point in time, we WILL get spring followed by summer. 😀

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