T.J. Said “Tag”

Just because T.J.  told me he tagged me, I'm doing this. Why? I'm just like that. 

Four Things

4 Films I'd watch again (in no particular order) (only 4? crap)

1. The Shawshank Redemption. Every time I watch this I see something else. As a huge Stephen King fan, this is one of the few books or stories of his that I've actually liked when it got made into a film. I'm a huge fan of Morgan Freeman, too.

2. Fight Club Another one I just see something different in each time. Plus? Brad Pitt. Need I say more?

3. Sliding Doors The whole "what if" scenerio really plays into my imagination. It may not be the best movie ever made, but I find it fun to watch.

4. Se7en What can I say? Brad Pitt AND Morgan Freeman! Plus, it's creepy. I like creepy. Oh, yeah, and the totally unexpected ending. Got me – lots of movies don't. I usually figure them out ahead of time. This one? This one got me. Huge brownie points for that.

4 Places I've lived: (you'll see a pattern here)

1. Des Moines, Iowa

2. Storm Lake, Iowa (when my mom died and I was living with my grandparents for about 3 years)

3. Grinnell, Iowa

4. Ames, Iowa

4 T.V. shows I watch: (again, only 4?!?)

1. Wire in the Blood. New season starting soon. YAY!

2. Doctor Who. I came to this one late, just in the last couple of years. Now hooked thoroughly, however.

3. Torchwood. A spin-off of Doctor Who, it may even be better. Lots of fun with aliens (the space kind).

4. Lost I don't even know where to start about why I like this show. What I hate? Having to wait for the next episode!!

4 Things to eat:

1. Chocolate. In any shape or form.

2. Steak. A very well prepared, rare to medium-rare grilled steak. Yes, I eat meat. I crave meat if I don't have it often enough.

3. Potatoes. I like a good potato. Baked,  fries, hash browns, mashed… mmmm…mashed… s'pose it is the Irish in me?

4. Lobster or crab. It's a toss-up. I love them both with melted butter. No breading, no fancy casserole, no garlic, just give me butter and my fingers (oh, and one of those shell-cracker thingys)

4 Places I'd rather be:

1. Home.

2. Ireland.

3. Home.

4. Home.

4 People to tag:

I'm not gonna tag anyone, because I've seen this out there a bunch and there are prolly lots of you that have done it.

If you are bored and want to do it, just let me know so I can come check out your answers!

That's all '4' now.  (I think T.J. wrote that, but I found it amusing so it stays…)

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9 thoughts on “T.J. Said “Tag””

  1. Yeah, I forgot crab/lobster too. Damn, I kinda messed up my 4 things to eat.

    If you like ‘what just happened’ endings (like i do) see The Usual Suspects. I’m sad to say that neither Morgan nor Brad are in it, but Kevin (as in spacey from se7en) won an Oscar for best supporting actor.

    For me, it went like this: I was watching…watching…trying to figure it out…The end hit, and I said ‘What the fuck!?!’ Stopped it. Rewound it (vhs days) and watched it again…..


  2. I too love Sliding Doors! It was the first movie I ever went to see BY MYSELF in a theater, like a serial killer. I was spending the summer working in Houston, and I had no friends yet. I loved it so much I bought myself the DVD. I still watch it about once or twice a year, I love it so much!

    And steak is yummy…

  3. Woah, every time I come here there is a new pic and today a new alignment! Love it!

    And you know I am with you on Torchwood and Doctor Who!

  4. I love Sliding Doors too. I think I will tag myself and do this post tonight or tomorrow.
    When did you live in Grinnell? My son-in-law grew up there.

  5. Shawshank is awesome. I don’t know how many times I’ve been up way too late because I came across it on TNT.

    Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’- best line ever.

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