Whoops! You Did It Again! (a rant)

Three-and-a-half years ago you "forgot" Begger's Night. Now, dear ex-son-in-law, you've stepped in it again. I realize for many people in the world Easter is a religious holiday. Although you aren't very religious – at least, not that I've noticed – you seem to have missed one very important aspect of Easter. Kids. Kids have this thing about Easter like they do about Halloween. They've been at school, whispering and giggling for the past week about the upcoming holiday. Bulletin boards have been covered with construction paper bunnies and crepe paper eggs. There are anticipated Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies and Peeps are selling off the store shelves as quickly as they can be stocked.

My grandson came home from spending his weekend with you. Normally, a very sweet boy… very calm… very. He was not calm, or sweet, or happy when he got home Sunday night. He was upset and disappointed and angry. Very angry. Angry that his dad spent most of the weekend sleeping. Angry that eggs were not colored or hunted. Angry that nothing… n o t h i n g was done to recognize Easter. Just another day.

Luckily, his mom and step-dad were anticipating he would be home that day and had gotten him a basket with some goodies.

Still? I'm really disappointed in you. Just taking care of your son for a couple of days a week and being involved in his life is a good thing, yes. But… there is more than just being a babysitter. You need to be a little bit more aware of what is going on around you and take that word "involved" to a new level. C'mon… he's a great kid. He's really worth it. These are the memories he's going to take with him when he thinks of you. Get your shit together. For both of your sakes.

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7 thoughts on “Whoops! You Did It Again! (a rant)”

  1. My ex-son-in-law was like that, too. I felt so badly for the two oldest grandgirls. Thankfully, they now have been adopted by the new S-I-L and have a ‘real’ dad to be around.

  2. awwww…and i even felt guilty i didn’t send my son a basket…course the other kids in the college dorm woulda probably laughed at him….

  3. If I didn’t know better, I’d say your ex-SIL is my BIL (I know he is not). He doesn’t get that the weekends he has M -he is supposed to spend with him – not dump him on my in-laws, because “that’s his weekend off…”

    I hate it when parents forget that what is important is the kids.

  4. Sheesh, even I got an easter basket this year. That really wipes out all the points for being ‘involved’. I had a week end Dad like that. When I was eight years old he would pick me up at the bus depot bring me to his house, my old house… tell me not to start any trouble or break anything then take off, 1st his day job, then come home with dinner then leave again for his night job. (I know two jobs, hectic life, trying to do right) to an eight year old kid though it was abandonment. We never spent quality time and consequently I just stopped going and we lost touch.

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