White Out

I can't believe this weather. I woke up this morning to let the pups out about 6 a.m. and the sidewalk was covered with sleet and it was continuing. Then, when it got light an hour or so later… it was a blizzard! Couldn't even see across the field! Dang it. It was just starting to be a bit more spring-like around here. As of my writing this (about 9 a.m.) there is a couple of inches on the ground, and, yes, even accumulated on the sidewalk and drive. Guess that thought we all have this time of year that "it'll melt right off" isn't going to happen. Crap. This isn't any fun. *Grumble*

Guess I picked a good day to slip in a jammie day, huh?  

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7 thoughts on “White Out”

  1. I talked to my Mom in Oregon yesterday and they also woke up to snow…it didn’t stick much but it snowed nonetheless. She’s pretty ready for spring too. I won’t go on and on about how it’s about 84 here today…cause that would just be mean.

  2. We had a sprinkling overnight, but with the amount of snow that is already on the ground, it didn’t mean a whole lot. At this point in time, all I worry about is whether the roads are snow-covered or not. 🙂

  3. As I was driving in today, the weather reporter on the radio was talking about snow, black ice, accidents, and all sorts of stuff.

    I was like “Huh?” never saw a snowflake or spot of ice, but when I hit the parking lot there were all these cars with a couple of inches of snow on them.

    Clean livin’ that’s what it is, clean livin’.

  4. I need a jammie, not leave the house day. Not going to happen any time soon. Sigh.

    I need to wake up and not have to deal with the cold. I am tired and depressed. Alas.

  5. I don’t have to go out into the inclimate weather if I don’t want to, so I really don’t have the need to criticize the current weather conditions. But it seems to me fire season is just around the corner…

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