Another Encounter With the Wild


 Sooo… I'm sitting in my bedroom, reading my e-mail, mid-afternoon today when one of these went walking across the back yard. I jumped up and watched from the window, wondering how fast I could find my camera… but not fast enough. He went around the front of the house and I watched, then stepped out on the porch which, of course, spooked him and he kicked into high gear loping down the driveway.

I knew they were here. Our contractor said he'd seen one four years ago when building the house, but I'd never seen one myself. Especially that close. He looked well-fed, fluffy, and in good condition… what a magnificent animal. When he went running, that tail just was a plume flowing out behind him.

Now, I just have one more thing to worry about when I let my Shit-tzu pups outside… Owls, hawks, eagles… and coyotes. *sigh* 

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15 thoughts on “Another Encounter With the Wild”

  1. We have many coyotes here in the UP. I guess they are coming closer and closer to the towns. I don’t particularly want to meet up with one! They ARE beautiful, though.

    By the way, you have been TAGGED!!

  2. I saw a very scraggly looking one on the highway near Chicago yesterday! He looked very thin and I was worried he would come onto the highway… but he stayed away.

  3. Hello Sue, Coyotes can look very cute, but be careful of your smaller pets outdoors. We have a lot of coyotes where I live. Back in 2002 when I first moved into my house, one of my persian kitties was outdoors one night and when I went to call her in I heard a pack of dogs in the woods barking like they were in a frenzy. The next day all I found of her was her ear and her tail. The coyotes had eaten her. I cried for a month.

  4. Wow! That’s onm seriously healthy coyote! Believe it or not, I see lots of them in suburban Seattle, but they’re always emaciated.

  5. Hey Sue! That would be pretty sweet, imo, I love seeing wildlife. Do you check the Daily Coyote blog? It’s teh cute. 😀

  6. So far all I am aware of is a hearty band of minstrel frogs in the neighborhood. Maybe I should poke my head outside in the early mornings to see what my kitties are watching with such keen interest…

  7. You could always kill one and then put it on a post.. I’ve heard that will keep others away, but I don’t know if I believe it.

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