Hanging In There

Thank you everyone for such kind and supportive comments. I and my family do appreciate them so very much.

Just a couple of things. She is doing well and seems to not be frightened now. Her first session is today so we'll see how it goes, but last night and over the weekend she'd even started joking about the memory loss. She is reading a new book and was saying she was going to have to keep starting it over… and when we were playing cards last night her husband taught us a new game which my daughter promptly quipped, "You know you're going to have to teach this to me all over again tomorrow night, right?" It is nice to see her sense of humor is back.

The weather still sucks. Yesterday half the day was sunny (the second half) so that was very nice to see… although it didn't get as warm as they'd predicted, it was better than what the rest of the week is looking like. Later this afternoon we've got thunderstorms coming through and they're predicting by the end of the week we could have 2.5". Enough, already. Hubs hasn't started pulling out his hair in frustration for not getting to the field… yet. Won't be long, though, and I can see it coming.

Please forgive the sporadic writing and reading. I know you understand.

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13 thoughts on “Hanging In There”

  1. You all are in my prayers!

    My mom went through this back in the early eighties. With patience and scrapbooks, she was able to remember most everything in her life. There were times us kids even had to play personal assistant so she wouldn’t be embarrassed at not remembering someone.

  2. Keep us posted on how she’s doing whenever you get a chance. I’m sending you some positive energy. I hope it’s all going well.

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