One Day at a Time

Monday was a rough one. Daughter had her treatment, then had horrible nausea and a migraine to show for it afterwards. They gave her shots of pain killer and anti-nausea medication, but by the time we saw her in the evening she was still suffering and was swearing up and down that if the next treatment was as bad, she was done.

Luckily, Tuesday was a day off from treatment and she was feeling better that evening. She didn't appear to have any memory loss until we were talking about the day my younger daughter and I had gone to her house to play World of Warcraft and were there most of the afternoon and evening. She got a blank look and couldn't come up with the day at all. That was a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday she had another treatment. When we went to see her last night she was in good spirits and told us she had no pain this time, no nausea. They'd given her some medications during and prior to the procedure that evidently helped that problem. Thank goodness! She did say she came out of the procedure with absolutely no memory of where she was, what she was doing there, or when they explained she was there for ECT she had no clue what ECT was. She said it took awhile, but eventually it came back to her. However, last night she did have to re-learn the card game.

Except for a couple of other patients who startle her with their unpredictable outbursts… she's getting along okay. She's supposed to be staying until next Wednesday night, but now she's talking about seeing if she can get out tomorrow, Friday. I have mixed feelings about this. Particularily since she's not had more than a couple of treatments and although she seems to be doing quite well and looks good, even on very little medication, I'm just not sure I trust her yet to be home… at least until she's had a few more treatments. Call me selfish, but I'll worry a lot less if she's under the watchful eye of the medical personnell for a bit longer.

On the up side, I've been spending more time with my grandson. He and I have been going to dinner and I'm finding out a lot of things going on in the mind of a ten-year-old boy. It's been awhile since I've had those insights.

Once more, I appreciate all you comments, prayers, and well wishes. Thank you for every one of them.

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  1. Hope things continue to improve. I have been through some bouts of depression, and it ain’t a place I ever want to return to. I sure hope this is a permanent solution. We know now that there is a biochemiccacl cause, and you can treat the condition as a chemical imballance. Hopfullt this is the right procedure for your daughter.

  2. Even though it might be a tad selfish–and I don’t believe it is–to want her being watched by medical personnel, I completely understand your feelings. When you don’t have to worry about THAT, it is a little bit easier on you. I agree it might be best if she stay put for a few days–but then, I’m not a doctor, so I’m sure they will know what is best. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I hope she stays in a little longer for her sake. It’s hard to know what is best for us when we are stuck in our own heads, huh? I’m glad she’s showing improvement and that you get to spend time with your grandson.

  4. I think you are right, in feeling better knowing she is safe. The other day I strongly told the mom of a patient on my caseload that if he is indeed doing and saying the things she was telling me, she needed to take him to the ER for an emergency psych. admit or call 911 and have the police do it if he fought her. Tough things, but in the end you gotta keep the people you love safe. Good luck.

  5. I had to laugh at you wanting her to stay inhouse a few more days…when I had my son…yes I mean when I delivered him…when they said “get up and go home” ; I was game for that..But when they said , “take him with you”…I was like..”whatttttt?????? wouldn’t he be better off here for a few days?”..I was clueless..Off topic but you made me remember it… Hope all continues to go as well as it sounds.

  6. Dear Sue,
    I am deeply sorry that I have not been here before now. I just read back over the latest posts I missed.

    I’m so sorry she’s going through this. God, you must be practically beside yourself at times. All I can do is offer a virtual {{HUG}} and promise to keep you and her and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.

    I had no idea they still did electroshock therapy. But given the seriousness of her situation, it sounds like it will be really helpful. I’m trusting that. If it helps, going through my situation, I’ve learned a fair bit about the brain. Your daughter will be okay. It’s amazing what the brain does…even if she loses bits of memory, she repattern her brain over time. And it probably wouldn’t take that long or be that difficult. Others who have had traumatic injuries and had to relearn things sprang to mind while reading these posts. They did it and it can be done! So try not to worry.

    Wish I had more to say or do. This doesn’t feel nearly enough. {HUG}

  7. Trust your instincts and stay strong Sue. And don’t forget to take care of yourself, a hefty dose of stress and keeping pace with a ten year old can’t be easy.

  8. Sounds like a stressful situation for you all, but I’m so glad that you have each other. There’s no way she could get through it without your support and help. I hope things get easier for her and she gets all that she needs.

  9. You know I’m praying for you and your family. I too had a family member treated with ECT but it was the 70’s and I’m sure much has changed in the development of ECT.

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