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  • Mother's Day turned out to be wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you to my wonderful kids… one in particular busted her butt to make it a good day. All my kids came over about 10 a.m. (allowing me sleeping-in time) and proceeded to make a terrific breakfast of waffles, omlettes, juice, bacon, toast, fresh strawberries… what can I say but YUM! Then they cleaned up! Bonus! After that, my Hubs went with me to my parents and we had a nice visit with them. Not too long, not too short. From there we drove right back to town and went to my mother-in-laws' house where Em (see link above) proceeded to deliver a nice, easy supper of some deli chicken and fixin's. That was an idea she and I came up with the night before to solve a couple of problems. One, that MIL hasn't been involved in the group of people who 'need to know' about my eldest daughter and all she's been going through. It isn't that we necessarily want to exclude MIL, but her tendency is to share with my brother-in-law who shares with the entire county, so not a good idea. The chemistry just changes when she's there, too. My kids can be pretty free with what they say and with 'grandma' around they tend to rein it in a bit. The second good thing about going to her house was we could eat, clean up, visit a little, and split. No having her sitting on the couch until 10 o'clock (when we want to go to bed at 9!). So, all in all it was a wonderful day.
  • Eldest daughter may possibly be getting her last treatment today. Keep your fingers crossed. Last week they said they thought Wednesday would be the last one, then they changed their minds to another couple. She's getting more and more forgetful and more and more irritated by it, so hope it is over soon and she can start really getting the pieces back where they belong – as well as she can. It seems to have helped with the depression, but at this point her personality is so dampened that it is hard to tell what's going on. The prayers can still continue… and I still appreciate them.
  • Thank you everyone for your thoughts about my aunt. It really means a lot to have all your support. I think it's really gonna hit me in a couple of weeks when I make the annual cemetary run.
  • Blogging has been pretty sporadic, and I apologize. It's still too wet to plant – but maybe they'll get back in the fields tomorrow (hope!hope!) but I've still been working more lately with some other areas of the state that didn't get the 3" we did and are able to plant. I seem to tire more easily since the surgery, too, but think it's just due to the same old pain in my shoulders keeping me from sleeping that well. I can't seem to find any pain relief and have temporarily stopped physical therapy until planting season is over. I'm still doing my exersises at home, so I won't slip backwards – just haven't the time to get in to let the professional tork on me.
  • Hope all is going well with you!

Update: Daughter has to have one more treatment on Wednesday (tomorrow). Then they'll start trying to level her out with some medication. They're hoping she'll be pretty good by the end of the month. Her husband is going to be home with her (as he has been) until then. Here's hoping things get a bit more calm by then!

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8 thoughts on “More Random Thoughts *Updated*”

  1. I’m so glad your mother’s day was great! I’ve been so behind on blog reading since my son got here… Heh.

    I have my fingers crossed for your daughter. I’m going to guess that once they’ve completed the treatments and is given about a month, she’ll be pretty good.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. May she rest in peace and be remembered with love.

    ACK on the pain. *sigh*

  2. Glad you had a Happy Mother’s Day and continuing to send good thoughts to your daughter. Not everyone is in a “need to know” status and that is a wise thing!

  3. Love the breakfast thing! It is so awesome when our kids grow up & bless us. Glad to hear the rest of your day was good, too.

    You remain in my prayers…

    Love you!

  4. You get your butt back to the physical therapist right this instant young lady! Don’t tell me your life is too busy to take care of yourself. It is important to work through whatever aches and pains that still plague you with a professional that can observe and direct your recovery (we are no spring chickens these days after all). It will make a difference down the road, trust me on this do not take recovery lightly.

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