On My Soapbox (Again)

Just a quick inventory of what has happened in the past two days in our (farming) world:

There is another chance of rain today, tonight and tomorrow. With luck, it appears it may just miss us or we'll get a slight amount. We need none. We need some warmth, sunshine, and dryness. The forecast is cool, cloudy, and damp.

Three terragators got stuck in the fields at work (this video shows what they look like when you watch it long enough. It's hard to imagine something with such big tires getting stuck!).

Two work pickups got stuck checking to see if the fields were dry enough to go into.

One semi-truck full of farm chemical got stuck and it took four hours for them to get it out.

Dry fertilizer prices went up 30%. In one day. A ton of one of the products is now over $1,000 a ton. Most fields need two or three different products applied to make the crop.

Diesel fuel prices went up 30 cents overnight. Filling a tractor one time can cost over $800. Filling up the semi-trucks to get that crop from the field to market is over $1,000. One. Time. They get filled several times over the course of a season.

I swear, it's getting insane.

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8 thoughts on “On My Soapbox (Again)”

  1. And I complain when the three tomato plants aren’t growing well! I can’t imagine what you are going through.

  2. It is indeed getting insane. We feel the increased price of food and fuel. And we drive only a Honda Civic and feed 3… (we most certainly do not blame you farmers for the increased price of food – we appreciate that you continue to work so hard to feed us in spite of it all!)

  3. My Dad’s timing is SO-O-O-O perfect. Sold the farm last winter for an astroNOMICAL price. And while I hated to see the ancestral home go to another family, you’ve never seen a bigger grin on a 77-year-old farmer than he wears this spring.

  4. Oh.

    I can’t even say all the ways this makes me angry and fearful and sad. So much of it could have been avoided…I’d say almost all of it could have been avoided for this time period. We’re not going to be finding more oil anytime soon but THAT is not actually what has caused all this financial/food/farming/fuel trouble. It’s politics and market manipulation plain and simple. Please know that most of us in the cities are well aware of how this is affecting the rest of you in the farming communities, at least the people I know are…we are talking about it often and wishing we knew how to snap our fingers and make it different for all of us. Mostly we are trying to make sure we vote knowledgeably with an eye towards the facts of life for all of us.
    Sending you good thoughts and hopefully some sunshine.

  5. I have a friend that did a post about how the government shouldn’t be stepping in and messing with our capitalist markets, particularly in terms fo the gas. But, it’s hard when the increasing prices are affecting peoples’ ability to go to work, eat and function. I was thinking of doing a post about for tomorrow.

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