Not to be confused with nookie or any form of hookers. (Watch the spam spike now!)

I'm playing hooky this afternoon and you can't stop me. The weather is beautiful (finally!). I'm taking eldesst daughter to lunch, then to get some flowers for her window boxes, and helping her plant them.

Yes, I worked in the garden last night after work. Yes, I hurt. No whirlpool last night. I made supper. I cleaned up. I even managed a load of laundry. I'm building up stamina. I'm tough. (Okay, those of you who know me… stop giggling. Now. I mean it.)

I'll try and get some pictures. Truth is, I've been taking them but for some reason my camera isn't talking to my computer anymore and I haven't taken the time to figure it out. Soon. It's on the list. I wish the list would get shorter, but for some reason every time I cross one thing off I think of two more things to put on. Must be that time of year, huh?

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7 thoughts on “Hooky”

  1. I went to take some pictures today, and the batteries in the camera were dead. I went to change them out, and they were not my $5 apiece camera batteries. They were energizers.

    Some unscrupulous villian has absconded with my good rechargable batteries.

    And every other AA in the house was dead…..

    It’s a plot.

    PS I feel a little uncomfortable in here with all this pink.

  2. I do hear you!! With college son home and spring sprung…I have mile long to do lists. It reads something like this:
    Grocery shop
    plant flats
    grocery shop
    pay bills
    you get the picture. But I do it lovingly!

  3. Wow….sounds like you’ve been a busy girl.

    What kind of camera do you have? I’ve found (even with my new baddass one) that useing a media reader is soooo much eaiser that hooking the camera up to the puter.

    Look at supermediastore.com or something for a usb card reader (or your puter may already have one) and just plug your media card in.

    It’s like Heaven.


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