Getting Up on the Wrong Side… Again

I swore I was going to write a happy post. A joyful homage to the planting being done, Eldest daughter starting to recover some memories, and the new racoon we have coming to visit. I'm sorry, Sizzle… but this is one of those long posts.

I just can't do it. There are days that are jinxed. This would be one of them.

It officially started last night. Last night about… oh… nine o'clock, when I climbed into my bed only to have an elusive odor assult me. I know this fragrance. It is the scent of cat pee. Arrgghh. We have five cats, who are generally very clean and well behaved. Unfortunately, we also seem to have one who has issues. They pee on the bed. Usually on Hubs' side… but lately I've noticed they are doing it on my side. I've spoken to the vet about it, but because they don't do it daily… or even weekly… just occasionally, the vet says it isn't medical but psychological. In other words, the cat is literally pissed at us. I'm not sure who…and the vet tells me I could give them this stuff, one at a time, to make their pee turn bright orange, but with the infrequency of the attacks I'd have to give them the stuff daily and then wait to see if it comes out orange when they do it. Not really something I want to experiment with. So, I have a waterproof mattress protector, extra bedding, and a good washing machine. Still? Changing bedding at that hour of the night, for that reason… not fun.

Next I was awakened by the beeping of our bed at 5:22 a.m. We have a sleep number bed (no, I'm not going to link and advertise, although we like it very much). When the power goes out, it beeps. It beeped. About a minute later a huge crash of thunder got me sitting upright, realizing it was getting ready to storm. I jumped out of bed and got the pups outside before the worst hit… but it was thundering and lightening and the wind was howling enough that daughter's dog wouldn't even get off the porch. Good thing she's got a good bladder!

Back to bed, I tried to ignore the weather and tossed and turned awhile until finally giving up and getting out of bed for the day.

Hubs is getting ready to leave and is loading his pockets with all his 'stuff'… you know, wallet, change, pliers… when he exclaims loudly, "What is this on my billfold? Is this CAT PEE?!?!"  Oh-my-frickin'-god. Yes. He had one of those cloth billfolds and someone had pee'd on it. WTF? I love my cats, I do… and he does, too. But c'mon! What the hell are they mad about? Arrgghh. (Dariush's threat to make his cat into chinese food is sounding better and better.)So, luckily, he had another billfold – a nice one – that the kids got him for Christmas or his birthday and he'd not been using it because he thought it was too nice. So he had a backup. Still? Visualize this. I'm washing his money with dishwashing soap and hot water. He's washing his debit card, fuel card, etc. Not something I really wanted to be doing first thing this morning.

Then he leaves. He goes out to see how much rain we got. (Officially, 1.6" – another thing we didn't need.). I see him heading back toward the house and am waiting for him to come in and tell me. Instead, I got… "did you mow over the rain gauge? There are just pieces out there…" Shit. We quickly agreed he was just lucky I mowed.

Then I realize today is the day. The Day. Remember my brother-in-law? Remember The Boys? Well, the eldest Boy is graduating (by the skin of his teeth) and the party is tonight. Outside. It is only 60-some degrees today. This has turned into another Command Performance. My BIL and SIL have seperated. He's living in an apartment. She's living in their house with The Boys. Because of the graduation party, BIL has been working on the house – doing all kinds of things to it, at his someday-to-be-his-ex-wife's request. I mean, dumping money into it that neither of them really have, to fix up a house that really didn't NEED fixing up, so that they can have a party there and pretend everything is hunky dory. My other SIL from out of town (several states away) has flown in for the party, and other friends from out of town have come in and are all staying at my MIL's house. Tonight, my son who races, is bending over backwards to go to the party even though it's a race night and he is leading in points at the track. He is having a friend take his car to the track, then going up late to race the main event and Hubs is taking him. Guess who'll be left at the party? With a bunch of people who are acting like all is fine and dandy and that shit doesn't stink and what hell on earth can we cause for anyone and everyone. Bitter? Me? I only have two words. Blog fodder.

Finally the last blow to my morning routine. Women, you can relate. I was having a bad hair day. I could NOT get my hair to do what I wanted. I mean, really… it's short. It is always styled the same damn way. Why was it not cooperating? To top it off? The hair spray nozzle was clogged and I got a drizzle of hairspray all down my hand, my arm… oh, for cripes sake!

It's early afternoon. This day had better improve…seriously. Oh, yeah… I have that party tonight. Nevermind. It's just gonna suck. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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10 thoughts on “Getting Up on the Wrong Side… Again”

  1. cat pee. on his wallet. I’m sorry, I had to laugh out loud at that one. I bet it’s Cleo venting frustration at not being able to go hunt the new racoon.

    btw, your links in your post are so light they’re white on my screen. Just a technical thing.

  2. You do realize that you are one of the few blogs I make exception for, right!? 😉

    That party sounds like torture- and I like parties. I don’t get the peeing…what are they so damn pissed about?

  3. I had a cat, Willy. He was walking across the floor with his tail in the air, sneering the way only a cat can.

    It really wasn’t my fault.

    I was a coincidence that I was holding two rubber band six shooters. It wasn’t planned.


    Twelve shots in the ass startled the heck out of him. I laughted my head off, adding insult to loss of dignity.

    That night while I was blissfully unaware, he shat in my shoe.

  4. It’s so hard to figure out what cats are mad about when they start doing stuff like that! Did you change the type of food you give them? That is the only thing I can think of…

  5. pee. I remember reading in some beauty magazine that it’s actually really good for your hair or something like that. Or was it complexion?

    I’m sorry your day was so bad. I hope it got better!

  6. sue sue sue….sorry, but i laughed. i had to laugh at you laundering the money. Seriously, i had a dog who used to pee on the bed skirt, so i understand the assaultness of it. can’t wait to hear about the party!

  7. That is why my bedroom is off limits. If I am not in bed, my bedroom door is closed. Chaos and Nutmeg do not pee in the house anywhere except the bathroom and my bed if given the opportunity. And I too have not been able to catch the renegade red handed although I have my suspicions I haven’t a clue as to the motive. My cats cannot be more spoiled.

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