Enough is Enough

Remember when I mentioned the tornado hitting Parkersburg? Well, turns out one of the i-net's favorite bloggers is from there. Miss Britt. http://miss-britt.com (my linker isn't working). They have determined it was an EF-5, the biggest one they make. It basically took the town and turned it into toothpicks… 

To add insult to injury, I'm not sure but think they may have gotten some more storms last night. We had thunderstorms 'training' through our area all night long with tornado warnings just a county or two away. A small town to the south had some damage, but they've not determined yet if it was a tornado or straight winds. I was up until about 3:45 a.m. just keeping an eye on things. As it turned out, we've had about 5" of rain over the past two days. The little creek that runs through our back yard? The one who has run bank-full on occasion this spring? The one that has about a 4-5' bank? Yeah…that one. It was out of its bank this morning. Not only out, but flooded the whole other side of the creek – through the timber – and across the road, virtually shutting down any travel south of our house. There is also a lower area south of our house that is higher than the creek, but about a foot or two lower than the land our house sits on. It, too, was flooded. The water was up under our deck to within about 6" of the top of the concrete pilings – pilings that are usually completely dry and are about 4" tall and are near our edge of the creek bank. I have never seen the creek so high since we've lived here.

We drove around looking the fields. Ponds, everywhere. There isn't a field that doesn't have some water standing in it somewhere. The roads either have water running over them, evidence of water that has been over them – in the form of cornstalk debris or gravel roads being washed out.

We saw deer standing out in our field this morning. They, too, probably have been washed out of their normal areas by the flooding.

Thank goodness, today is to be dry. The forecast doesn't sound good, though. Every day for all of next week has a chance of rain. I know there are places like Florida who are so dry and having fires. I wish we  could send some of this your way, truly.

Is it wrong to be so grateful that all we have is some flooding? That perhaps, if it ever dries up, some farmer friends could get their planting done (yes, some aren't even done planting!) – and that Hubs could get the spraying done? Maybe he'll have to replant some places that got washed out. That's a question and a quandry in itself.  I'm worn out from being up all night watching the skies empty. Still? I'm so very grateful that our house is in one piece and we aren't having to face another day of cleaning up from a horrendous event like a tornado. 

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11 thoughts on “Enough is Enough”

  1. Lots of us sending her positive thoughts this week, via the blog, twitter, flickr, old-fashioned-prayer, you name it.

    Join in, won’t you?

    (that’s directed at the lurker, not the author)

  2. wish i could send you some of my “90 degree, when did we last have rain weather!”…hope you all dry out soon!

  3. I don’t think it’s wrong to be grateful that you’re not having to suffer like others — it’s what makes us appreciate what we do have. The tornadoes this year seem especially bad, so I hope they stay clear of you and your family.

  4. I came to make sure you were ok after I heard the news. I’m so glad you are ok! Not wrong at all to be grateful! I’m grateful too!

  5. It seems like once or twice a week a tornado warning is shooting across the screen here. I’m so sick of trying to find a place to hide in my house at 2am.

    I’m so sorry for everyone who has been affected by them lately.

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