When Your Time is Up…

It really is up. I believe that. Sometimes things happen that are so bizarre, so freaky in nature, that it is the only explanation that makes any sense. The only one we can use to wrap our brain around what has happened. In case you are lost right now, I'll enlighten you.

Friday night my son raced. It was like any other night. My Hubs and my MIL, as well as my son's wife, her parents,  and some of my sons' friends were in the pits watching the race. Like any other night they race. Sometimes they sit in the stands, but usually they're in the pits. Now the pits are possibly hazardous places to be. There are cars racing around inside as they come off the track, and things are going on all the time that you need to be aware of. This is why you are required to sign a waiver of liability before you ever get to go into the pits. Just a precaution.

Friday night. Like any other night. Until a stock car was racing around the track and something happened that would forever change someone's life. A wheel came off the car and went flying into the pits. Missing trailers, cars, all kinds of things in its' path, until it smacked directly into a man working on one of the cars and killed him dead. A middle-aged man, minding his own business, not paying attention to the race… a man who, I have to believe, had completed his time on earth. The tire had to be going about 80 mph Hubs said… and missed our group by about five feet. Only five feet. My mind has to wrap around that one, too.

My heart goes out to this mans' family. I don't know if he was married, had children, or what his circumstances were. All I know is he went to the race Friday night and was either there to race himself or to help someone else… and freakishly, unexpectedly, was killed. I can't imagine how the driver of the car that lost the wheel must feel, too, to realize your car was involved.

Again, selfishly, I am so grateful it wasn't my husband, son, or anyone I knew. I know that sounds harsh, but I was so shocked when my husband called home to give me the regular update on how sons' race went, only to hear this news and realize I could have been getting a very different phone call…  Give your loved ones a hug today. Tell them you love them. You just never know how long you have together.

I'm still shocked. Totally shocked. 

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11 thoughts on “When Your Time is Up…”

  1. Oh wow! The little man and I are big NASCAR fans and I often watch the crashes, loose tires, etc. and marvel at the drivers and crews that miraculously survive the unexpected.

    Just another reminder how short life can be when we’re just going through the motions.

  2. That is upsetting. Life is short. In a way, if you are going to go, it may as well be doing something you love.

  3. How awful. Really makes you realize how quickly and unexpectedly life can change or end. Makes you grateful. Off to bed now to snuggle with my family and be grateful for their being in my life.

  4. That is so awful. I can’t imagine actually being there when it happened! I hope he lived a full and happy life 🙂

  5. Things like that are a reminder of
    – how short life can be
    – how random are the things you cannot control
    – how much of the rest of your life you *can* control

  6. wow. Saturday night I was soaking my leg in the tub in a vicodin haze after my bowling fiasco Thursday afternoon, when the phone rang. I was in bliss and just not willing to get out to answer the phone since more times than not it is a wrong number any ways, but years of compulsive habit drug my butt out of the tub and to the telephone dripping water from one end of the house to the other. It was my buddy Ron asking if I bought a wii game yet. As I was recapping my experience I heard an explosion outside and poked my head out the front door leaving as much of my nekked body inside as possible. I lost most of my modesty as I watched sparks fly everywhere from the power pole near the back of my house. The transformer blew. Now I dont know one piece from the other, but after the roman candle show while random arcing and sparking continued, a big chunk of metal fell from the pole still attached to a wire and swung down towards the ground and rocked in a pendulum motion for several minutes before settling down. I decided this was far too exciting to hide in the house, so I went to get dressed and while I was gathering my clothes, I looked in the bathroom and saw that the swinging hunk of sparking metal had crashed through my bathroom window just above my garden bathtub. Now I may or may not have been electrocuted if I had still been in the tub, but I am pretty certain I would have had a major stroke in any case. So oddly enough, I was likely sharing your thoughts and perspectives as I lay sleepless in bed Saturday night.

  7. It’s amazing how quickly – and permanently – life can change. Another reminder to appreciate those special to us and to enjoy every possible moment.

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