I Think I Still Have All My Fingers

Sunday evening was the first monthly family game night. Picture me, my 10-yr-old grandson, and five 20-to-30-something people (one DIL couldn't make it) around the table playing "spoons". If you have never played this fast-paced card game, whatever you do I don't advise doing it with MY family! I could've lost a limb! Who knew all these people would be so competitive?!?! Trust me, there was no giving the 10-yr-old a break of any kind, either… he had to scrap it out with the rest of us.

Hubs is not a game person. He had a race to watch and even after we chased him from the livingroom downstairs to the family room, he still said we were terribly loud. *shrug* Oh, well…  That's why I like living in the country. No neighbors upstairs, downstairs, or next door to offend with the loudness. If for some reason the neighbor who shoots all the time could hear us, then sobeit.

I now know what to watch out for come next month! Yikes!

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6 thoughts on “I Think I Still Have All My Fingers”

  1. My family and I have a game similar to Spoons called “azuma.” I love getting all rowdy and playing it. I love playing games!

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