I have things I need to say to people. Things I want to write to them. My cousin, regarding my Aunt. A very kind man who just retired that changed our lives. A son who moved me to tears with some beautiful words in his Mother's Day card. I have words rattling around in my brain for each of these people but I just can't seem to get them out.

Does this ever happen to you? The words get stuck? They are there, but much as peanut butter can cling to the roof of your mouth, these words seem to cling to the linings of my brain and I can't get them to flow out onto the page as I would wish.

Maybe I just need more sleep.

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14 thoughts on “Words”

  1. Ok, some semi-pro writing advice — when the words get stuck, it’s often because we are hunting for the “right” words, some perfect word or two, and we’ve created a bottle neck of self judgment through which no word can pass.

    Pick up your favorite pen (or open a doc on your computer if a pen isn’t going to work) and just start writing. Don’t judge, don’t even think too much. Vomit on the page. Say everything. If you get really stuck, try to reverse your thinking — when you want to be eloquent, challenge yourself to be as clumsy and corny as you can. Just get something down. It’s like flooding through the bottle neck and breaking it open.

    Afterwards, you can pick through the words to see what you like, or you can start over, or you can give the person(s) what you wrote unvarnished. Sometimes our inner critics are impossibly strict and others see what we write as we can’t.

    If none of that works and the impulse is still strong, draw. Bake something. Make something with your hands. Make a song list that says what you want to say. You’re a person of creativity and heart, and I suspect one of these will help.

    Keep in mind, too, that words are always one or two steps away from feelings, and it can feel like we never say what we really mean.

  2. Sometimes things rattle around in my head for a long tie, waiting for the right moment. Sometimes the moment never arrives. But usually ifI just start writing, something turns up.

    Just not lately.

  3. no, i totally get what you mean, Sue. Happens to me all the time. You know what song i love right now that this makes me think of? John Mayer’s “Say”. it is so true-the words in the song.

    anyways, I love the watermelon header on the blog!

  4. Every day, but what what’s been said here already is perfect. There’s no perfect words, there’s just words, and everyone loves a kind, thoughtful, appreciative one no matter how they come out, so I hope you are compelled to write away soon!

  5. Yum, watermelon!

    My words get stuck a lot, but usually more when I’m speaking than writing. When I’m writing… I write down the muddled thought and then stare at it a while and then it magically becomes clearer to me and I fix it.

    With spoken words I’m worried about saying the wrong thing because once it’s out there it’s out there.

    Maybe write down the muddle and the clarity will follow. That’s, of course, assuming you have muddle to start with.

  6. All the time, I just keep banging my head against a wall until something tumbles out and it is NEVER what I am looking for when I am looking for it. My mind has a mind of its own and I just have to tag along and take all the credit (or blame as the case may be) for what comes out.

  7. Happens to me. Heck, last time it happened I didn’t blog for like a year or more…but then you knew that. Do something totally unrelated to writing and unrelated to your topic. Focus on anything but the writing and it will just come when you least expect it.

  8. ~sigh~

    I know all to well. So much to want to say. So much to NEED to say, and still, unable to say it.

    I find myself in the same kind of quandry of late. My mind has either stagnated, or it’s too cluttered. Either way, it seems I have just too much to say right now.

  9. Yes. Yes… this happens to me. Sometimes I find that I will just write in my journal until my hand hurts, until my words start to make sense, just to get it all out. It’s like purging with words and doing it helps me sleep at night. You are definitely not alone!

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