Today  may actually be a dry day. Not that there is anything dry about any place in this state… only that we may not get rain today. Oh, but there is a 20% chance, so that's why I've left it a question. (Actually is a chance every day this week. Again.) Seems you only have to look at the sky these days for moisture to fall out of it. I just looked and the official total just since the first of the month is 3.66". That doesn't count the 4-5" we had at the end of last month. What corn is appearing around the edges of the ponds in the fields is extremely small compared to what it should be. Poor stuff needs some dry "feet", sunshine and warmth.

Wouldn't you know it? One of the big mucky-muck meteorologists in the state keeps saying that once summer officially gets here (June 21) the rain will stop… for good. Then we're looking at a drought.

C'mon. A happy medium? Please?

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8 thoughts on “Dry?”

  1. “It never rains but it pours”? I think you have been secretly invaded by Oregon. But no worries, Arizona is coming to the rescue… Is this is the year of the sunblock and floaties for Iowa?

  2. I want some rain down south to kill this heat! oh sue, it’s been miserably hot here lately!

    Have a great week. 🙂

  3. Weather is all out of whack this year I think. It’s inconvenient for me, but hell for people like you who depend on it for a living.

  4. yep the heat and drought in the south is already wreaking havoc on the gardens…maybe we can send you some sunshine and you send us some H2O!!

  5. It’s 96 here and they’re calling for “extreme weather”. Being from the west coast originally, and having now seen summer storms for the first time, I assume extreme weather means locusts or frogs or something….but I guess we’ll find out…

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