Why Can’t We Have a Happy Medium?


Tuesday. It was supposed to rain. Guess what? It rained. Wednesday. Dry. Amazing. Today. Rain this morning. Mid-day break, then heavy rain tonight with severe storm threat again. This is a picture of the race track my son usually races at on Saturday nights. They are usually parked behind those signs on the right-hand side. You know, where the big pool of water is? Yeah… I'd say they may not be racing Saturday night.

I noticed Iowa made the national news this morning because of the flooding. They keep comparing it to the floods of 1993. Now they are the floods of 2008. Supposedly things are better now. They made the water treatment plant in Des Moines more secure so they would have water. (In 1993 they had to go 12 days without.) The water treatment plant where our water comes from has been sandbagged. So far, (knock on wood) our basement is dry and the creek hasn't gone out of the banks again. It keeps filling up, then draining down…

I don't even want to think about the crops anymore. I've heard it is too late for replanting, or will be by the time it dries out – if it dried out today. I keep hearing mumbling about crop insurance. It is just too depressing to think about it for very long. I don't know how Hubs is doing it. Lots of commiserating with his farmer friends. They're all in the same situation.

In other news. I'm going to a family reunion in Missouri on Saturday. I'm taking my mother. Just my mother. It is my fathers' family. Go figure. He's not up to it. I guess one of his sisters even called him and tried to get him to go and as I warned her, she was wasting her breath. Stubborn is one of my fathers' middle names. I have a feeling he's going to be a major topic of conversation. I'm not really looking forward to this. Ah, the joys of being an only child…

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12 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Have a Happy Medium?”

  1. Hrm, I wonder if all your rain will head my way soon? Sunday night we had some serious rain but it’s been dry as a bone since.

  2. Good luck with everything. You just never know with nature – I’ve had to move due to earthquake, and FEMA was awesome. Hopefully things start to smooth out.

    Now, to answer your title question about why we can’t have a happy medium:

    I think that hearing all those invisible voices and seeing dead people all the time just makes ’em grumpy! 😉

  3. I’ve been behind on your blog, just got caught up – and you’ve been on my mind more than once the past few weeks. I hope that you & yours are ok, your homes are ok, and that you’re still able to travel for your reunion (I heard I-80 was closed!) I know how frustrating weather is when your entire livelihood depends on it so much, and I’m just aghast at the biblical proportions the weather has taken on this year. It’s all out of our control – yet I know we OC’s feel so much better when there’s SOME course of action to take. Even the illusion of impacting a negative situation can be helpful sometimes. Sigh. I hope it turns around, quickly. Fingers crossed for you all….

  4. I saw the latest on the news yesterday morning (also with the tornado news) and immediately thought of you. I hope you guys are okay and are able to get through this 🙁

  5. In Lake Delton Wisconsin, $500,000 homes slid into the water! It was their second home,(as in vacation home) but it’s still very tragic. The tv is flooded with news of the floods in Wisconsin and Iowa. I keep checking to see if you are ok. Glad you are! My prayers are with you all.

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