Anybody Got a Gun?

I swear, listening to country music all day is the most depressing thing… make me just want to shoot myself.

My office mate needs to find a different station. I may take it out on him.

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10 thoughts on “Anybody Got a Gun?”

  1. Oh my girl done left me
    my truck done broke
    my best dog up and died.
    I’m outta beer
    the whiskey’s gone
    I think my brain is fried.
    my best friends screwin’ his cousin
    (twicet removed so it’s OK)
    Mom’s in jail
    And dad’s long gone
    But I’m just fine
    How’s yur day?

  2. This would be why most of the “country” music I listen to consists of Toby Keith’s funny songs…

    Makes me rather glad I work at home alone and don’t have noise blaring at me. LOL.

  3. Al makes me laugh! 🙂

    Can you listen to an on-line station? Woe to the co-worker that raises your ire! Please join me in laughing w/Al! 🙂

  4. You poor, poor thing! Maybe someone can write a country song about your pain? 😉 (I LOATHE country music, so I know how you feel.)

  5. I wrote a country song called, “Found a Condom in her Wallet Now My Soldier Won’t Salute”. Sounds like it fits right it!!

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