Twenty seven years ago today a red-headed pea-picker (as Hubs used to call her) entered our lives. Red heads are known for many things, and believe it, ours lives up to most of the images. As hard headed and stubborn as she can be, she can be generous and loving and sweet. Her wit can cut like a knife and the sarcasm will drip off her chin. She's beautiful and funny and smart … and can be frustrating and irritating with the best of them. She is an ideal representation of what our family can be – a little dash of her father, a little smidge of me… a dusting of brothers and sister influences… all rolled into a very complex package.

Happy Birthday, Em! We love you to pieces…

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Middle-aged. Anti-social. Mom. Grandma. Town-raised farmer's wife. Iowan. Want more? Come read the blogs.

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