Celebrations…and Other Stuff

  • I'm late, as usual… yesterday was Jen's birthday! Go on over and wish her a belated one and tell her Sue sent ya!
  • Hard to believe, but a year ago (yesterday) we were watching my eldest son get married. They are such a lovely couple… it is such a great feeling to see your kids happily married. Second only to being happily married yourself! Congratulations, kids! (Can I still call them kids if they're adults?… eh… I'm the Mom. Sure I can. )
  • Did everyone have a good July 4th? I spent a great deal of it playing WoW (no big surprise) and a little of it listening to the dogs and cats go crazy with all the neighboring fireworks. Youngest son had races on Friday and Saturday night and I managed to even get the house cleaned as well as a few of those odd jobs we always put off – like cleaning the oven. I have a few more of those jobs to do… but we wouldn't want to be tooo productive, now, would we?
  • I'm probably going to regret saying this, but the neighbor didn't even shoot guns this weekend! Whoot! Maybe they were gone? Although, they were there on Saturday night shooting fireworks. Hmmm…
  • We have gone into the hot, sticky, humid weather of summer. We had a good chance of storms yesterday afternoon and evening that ended up drifting north of us and petering out in our area. After all the rain we've had it is strange to hear myself say, I wish it would rain. I'm going to have to water the gardens soon. Should have done it yesterday, but was holding out for Ma Nature to do it for me. I think Hubs would even appreciate a bit of a drizzle on his gardens, too…
  • For those of you wondering, eldest daughter is doing great. I mean, really, really terrific. What a blessing.
  • Catching up on my blog reading a little at a time… hope to get around to you soon! I've noticed my comments are down as are visitors. No surprise there… if I don't come see you, how can I expect you to come see me, right? Plus I've not been posting every day. (Oh, you noticed, did you?) I think it is the doldrums. It has hit everyone. I could take a hiatus, but then I might just want to post… so I'll just leave you forwarned "posting may be sporadic".

Happy Monday everybody~~~

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9 thoughts on “Celebrations…and Other Stuff”

  1. It’s the summer and posting gets sporadic for a lot of people. I know I am only half-hearted in my attempts at blogging lately.

  2. Well, in my neck of the woods, if you hear people shooting guns you call the cops.

    It’s hard to blog when there is so much other fun stuff to do. Glad your daughter is on the mend, I was thinking of her the other day.

  3. Ha! Summer is always a low time for internet traffic. But I’ve been so busy working it’s been awful. I have gotten to few if any blogs in the last couple of months. *sigh*

    I’m so glad to hear your daughter is doing so well!!! Yay!

  4. I stop by, I read. I don’t always reply. 🙂 Glad to hear that A is doing great! 🙂 Yeah!!

  5. My comments are down b/c most of my blogroll has all-together quit or become very sporadic at blogging. And they always take a plunge whenever I’m in a busy time frame and can’t repay the visit as often.

    Glad to hear that things are going well for you lately!

  6. I can’t see my blog for all the smoke, my dog ate my website? I dunno, I hardly get to my blog these days, so you aren’t missing anything there Sue.
    Grats on eldest! I knew she’d pull thru, I still wanna make up stuff when I see her on WoW so she thinks she forgot it, but I’m just too lazy.
    With my house keeper out of the way, maybe I will get some creative cleaning done around here as well.

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