God and Politics

Anybody who has come here for any length of time knows I don't do posts very often on religion or politics. Both of those are subjects I have some very definate opinions about and both of them can generate a lot of controversy in the blogosphere. I'm not one to generate controversy. However, a couple of things have happened recently that have made me want to say a little something.

If I Were God. Part I.

In September, 2007, The Los Angeles Times did a story on Jan Mickelson. He is a radio 'personality' on a local station that goes all over the universe. One of those mega-watt stations that can be heard for a gazillion miles. Normally I am not a fan. I just don't spend much time on talk radio. My Hubs has occasion to listen to them quite a bit as he goes back and forth in a tractor cab and music can get pretty old after awhile. I don't know all the details of this story, only the gist… but it is a good enough example to make my point; Jan Mickelson is a very religious man. I have no problem with that. Recently he went on a trip to ….somewhere… remote. I'm not going to pretend I remember where Hubs said it was, but suffice it to say it was a region of the world that had evidently yet to be disturbed by the likes of Jan Mickelson before. Hubs said he was going on and on and on about how beautiful it was, how pure and untouched and how beautiful and wonderful the people were. Then, in my opinion, he stepped on his dick. He started in with a tear-filled choked up voice about how amazing it was to watch these people seeing their native language in print for the first time…. oh, yeah… and it was, of course, some religioius material that was the media.WTF? If these people were so beautiful in their purity… then why didn't he leave them that way? Why is it, some people must be so arrogant in their religious beliefs that they feel they just have to "save" everyone?

If I Were God. Part II.

Last Friday I spent the day with some of my favorite people. Both of my daughters and my grandson. We spent a few hours at the local zoo, then decided on one of the hottest, most humid days of the year to take it up a notch and go to the local amusement park. Surprisingly enough, we had a great time despite the heat. Of course, the massive water ride that got everyone soaked that we rode almost as soon as we got there – that kept us in wet pants for the rest of the day – may have helped. For the most part, it was a terrific time. That is, until we ran into The Obnoxious Woman. There were a lot of things that characterized this woman as obnoxious, and any one of them on their own would have made her marginally tolerable. Rolled together, they were enough to make me want to grab her and shake her and wish I were God so I could reach down and smack her the Big One. She had a couple of children with her, also another adult friend with a child of her own. The Obnoxious Woman was telling her boy – who looked about 6 – that he WAS going on this ride. This ride that he had no-way-no-how-no-no-no-no-please-mommy-don't-make-me-no. Yeah. He was begging for his life. He was pleading with this woman that he did not want to go on this ride. In our park it is called "Der Flinger"… don't know what you may call it in yours. You sit in a swing that goes around in a circle, gradually getting higher and higher in the air where it then pumps up and down at a high rate of speed. The Obnoxious Woman was trying to tell her crying, pleading child that it was "just like a swing in the park"…. BULLSHIT, LADY. She told him he had no recourse but to go on the ride, that if he stayed on the ground "you will be kidnapped". Forget the fact she and her friend could have taken turns, if you are so damned determined you must ride this ride, why must you torture your child for your own pleasure?

She got the kid on the ride… drug him on, kicking and pleading and crying. The whole ride could hear him begging. We were hoping the older guy running the ride would have some rules that said if someone didn't want to go that badly they had to get off, but nope. He just checked their safety lock like everyone elses. The Obnoxious Woman continued trying to tell her child that it was just like that damn swing in the park… all the way until it took off. Then? Then the gut-ripping, heart-stopping shrieks started. The kid was terrified. He screamed, then whimpered… I couldn't see, but imagined her covering his mouth with her hand at that point. When the ride was over she proceeded in a very loud voice to tell him that he was a "big boy now". Forget the fact that he's just had a traumatic experience that probably will make him hate amusement parks, heights, and all rides for the next several years… all because she had to be a selfish bitch.

Probably a good thing I'm not God, huh?… or that I don't talk about it, or politics, much.

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10 thoughts on “God and Politics”

  1. I wonder if she’s related to the woman in front of me on my flight home last week. Freaking amazing what stupid people will do to their kids.

  2. That is fucked up. I know I have tried to talk The Boy into doing things but if he’s scared you have to respect that. Poor kid. And how much fun did she really have on the ride through all that? Seriously.

  3. As a rule I try not to say anything to other parents about their parenting style, because I don’t much like it when others share with me their unsolicited opinions on my own parenting style. But. I would have had a really, really hard time keeping my mouth shut. To me, that borders on abusive. Fucked up indeed. And if I HAD been that ride operator, I’d have told her that none of them were getting on the ride and if she didn’t shut her trap, I’d call security.

  4. I can’t believe the ride operator allowed it to happen. What a horrible thing to do to a kid. And it’s at such an age that he’ll never forget it, either. betrayed trust – hope she pays his co-pay for the therapy down the road.
    Hrmph. Obnoxious, indeed.

  5. Oh goodness, i’m nearly in tears reading this, no way would I have been able to bite my tongue and not say anything, that poor child. I have cold shivers.

  6. That poor kid will probably be scarred for life. When V was small he wouldn’t go on rides, so I just let him be. When he finally decided to try them he was all “I thought I was gonna puke! Can I go again?”

    Now they can’t make them scary enough for him.

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