You Can’t Take it With You

Once again life has kicked me in the stomach. This morning we found out a son of one of our landlords, a 46 year old man, had a heart attack and died while vacationing with his family. Forty-six. My gosh that seems so young to me. One more reminder to live life to the fullest and, yeah, you can't take it with you.

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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Take it With You”

  1. Life IS too damn short, we barely get to where we understand the questions when our minds start sliding backwards away from the answers.

  2. We need to make the most of every day and stop sweating the small stuff. I really need to remember this. Death brings with it a harsh reminder that we are all going there some day, doesn’t matter if it’s 10 hours, 10 days, 10 years or 50 years down the track, it will ALWAYS be too soon…
    Big hugs honey, hope you’re okay.

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