Tired of Bummed Being My Middle Name

Don't know about you, but all this grumping around is getting quite tiresome. So, as a result, we are going to take a moment to look at the bright side:

  • The weather has been pretty good. We've been DAMN lucky with wind and hail storms having JUST missed us – I mean a mile from our fields. Is going to be a really weird fall, tho'. Hubs has already said harvest probably will be starting about a MONTH later than usual. A month. That's going to be strange. Hope winter doesn't decide to come early this year. Could royally screw things. I'm not going to think about that now, tho'… this is a positive post.
  • My medication is getting better. I think. I've made some adjustments in my working habits and at the moment it appears to be helping. For some reason morning is the worst for me so I'm working in the afternoons. I am still getting nauseous after breakfast, but at least the bathroom trips have slowed down and the cramps aren't as bad. Of course, my injectible medication goes up to the regular dosage (2x what it is now) in a little over a week. Keep your fingers crossed it is a easy transition.
  • I'm gradually… very gradually… getting a handle on the weeds in the garden. We've had some choice discussions, weeds and I, but I refuse to just get the Round Up out and nuke 'em. I have standards. I can do this.
  • The house is still a pit, but I have a week to get it into shape before Hubs' birthday on Friday and I am swooped down apon by my children and their spouses. I must say, I am probably more excited about this than Hubs is. I am so excited to get to see my kids. It has been too long. I felt so badly for having missed game night and I really do enjoy my family and love it when we all get together. I'll put on an extra push this week to make the house presentable once again.
  • The Iowa State Fair is in progress, but I just can't get excited about it this year. I love the food and watching the people, but the prices have gone up and I really, really, don't need to eat my way through the fair. Hubs will probably go down Wednesday night for the tractor pull, but I've had my share of those in the past and think I'll let this year go.
  • Anyone who isn't living under a rock knows the Olympics are under way right now as well. There are some Iowa competitors and although I'm not a big Olympic watcher since Mark Spitz won a whole lotta gold in swimming (there, I'm dating myself)… I have been a bit more interested this year in all the hype they've drummed up for a local gymnast Shawn Johnson. She's a firecracker, that's for sure. Good luck to all the U.S.A. Olympiads!

So… how is your summer going?

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7 thoughts on “Tired of Bummed Being My Middle Name”

  1. Shawn IS a firecracker- totally great gymnast. I loved watching her last night. She’s like a lightning fast tumbleweed.

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

  2. I feel the same way about the fair. We went down for a grandstand show Saturday night, but we only went about an hour before it started, and barely wandered around. It was impossible to, what with the hordes of people. Apparently none of them think it’s too expensive this year!

  3. This is the sort of thing you’ll likely be missing if you don’t go sue;

    short shorts w/pockets hanging out / cowboy hats w/ blue boas / air brushed Tshirts / and food food food!
    turkey leg / corn dog / funnel cake / ice cream / fried twinkie / saltwater taffy / giant cinnamon roll / something-on-a-stick / pork chop / roast beef dinner / gyro / pizza / fried chicken / deep fried oreo-

    A man in a state of excessive inebriation rolled up at a fairground rifle range booth and threw down the necessary money. The booth operator at first refused to let him have a turn, considering that his inebriated state would endanger the public. But the drunk insisted and was given a gun.

    He aimed unsteadily in the general direction of the target and after trying to focus, pulled the trigger three times. The booth owner, on inspecting the target, was astonished to see that he had scored three bull’s-eyes. The star prize for the evening was a large set of glassware, but the showman was certain that the drunk wasn’t aware of what he had done, and gave him instead a consolation prize, a small, live turtle. The drunk wandered off into the crowd.

    An hour or so later he came back, even more drunk than before. Once again the showman demurred, but once again the drunk insisted, and once more scored three bull’s-eyes and was given another turtle.

    Eventually the drunk rolled up again and insisted on a third attempt. Once more he picked up the rifle, waved it around in the general direction of the target, and pulled the trigger three times. Once more he had scored threebull’s-eyes . But this time there was an onlooker with good eyesight.

    “That’s fantastic”, the man said. “Hasn’t he scored three bulls?”

    The showman, cursing his luck, made a show of going over to the target and inspecting it closely.

    “Yes, sir!” he announced to the crowd. “This is fantastic! Congratulations, sir, you have won the star prize, this magnificent 68-piece set of glassware!”

    “I don’t want any bloody glasses”, the drunk replied. “Give me another one of those little crusty meat pies!”

  4. Too fast! J & I returned from a short trip to WI & I return to school on Wed. It will be an interesting year for sure!

    Who watched the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay last night! WaHoo!! What an awesome race & incredible finish!! I’m sure the neighbors heard me yelling if they were out. The cats sure scattered. 🙂

  5. Shawn Johnson rocks! It’s too bad that she and our Olympic team may get beaten by the horrible cheating Chinese team with their blatantly underage little girls that they’re exploiting.

    Grr..can you tell I feel very strongly about this?

  6. We’ve hardly had a summer here, it keeps dipping back into the 60s. Since I look horrific in shorts, I’m okay with it.

    Glad to hear that your meds are working — I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. Summer?

    What’s this “Summer” of which you speak?

    Oh, you mean the “Warm Rainy Season”!

    Saturday I tried to BBQ, but had to fight the rain showers. And Thunderstorms.

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