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I am not, nor have I ever been, a 'suzy homemaker'.  I think it began when my mother tried to beat it into me by making sure I was up at the butt-crack of dawn every saturday for as far back as I can remember to clean. My areas were… everywhere. I have yet to figure out for sure what it was my mother actually did all day every day when she was home alone. Oh, yeah… I remember. Drink. Have coffee with the neighbor women. Make sure I was where I was supposed to be. (Lest you get all thinking she was a soccer mom for her day, she wasn't. I didn't do extra-curricular activities, except for the one time I went out for a play and band – but I walked to and from those.) 

Saturdays were for dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms (with a toothbrush), scrubbing floors. It still entailed my dog duties of walking, feeding, brushing and cleaning up poo from the yard, as well as weeding in the garden if it was summer or raking in the fall or shoveling in the winter. Laundry day was Monday, so I got off the hook for that on Saturday, at least. I always joked, half in earnest, that I never got to see a Saturday morning cartoon until my kids came along.

I am a sporadic housekeeper. I like a clean house, but haven't the motivation to keep it spotless all the time. I go in spurts… cleaning furiously for a a day or two, then proceeding to 'maintain'. A few times a year I get in what most people call 'spring cleaning' mode, when I actually do windows, closets, drawers, etc., and may throw tons of things away. My husband always hates those times for the mounds of garbage that accumulate for his disposal.

With pets or kids things automatically triple. I no longer have kids at home, but I do have pets… so you can be assured there will be toys to clean up, litterboxes and pens to clean, extra vacuuming, and various little 'messes' here and there.

Why do I bring all this up now? Because I'm taking on the challenge of my filthy, ignored house. I've set a goal for myself to get it back in shape before the party Friday night and it is going to be a task. It's okay, though. At least now, unlike when I was a kid, I'm doing it for me and mine. I'm not doing it because someone else is holding a brick over my head telling me I HAVE to do this… I'm doing it because I really do like my house and want to take care of it. I want it to felt loved and appreciated, because it is. I just wish I had some magic fairy dust or a few of Snow Whites' fairy godmothers to snap things into shape! 

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11 thoughts on “Suzy Homemaker”

  1. I feel like I am too clean. Like I am always sort of picking up as I go. The disorganization hurts my head so I try to keep on top of it. A different sort of sickness!

  2. It makes me sad to read about your Mom forcing chores on you like that Sue. I completely understand why you would hate housework.

    I had very few chores growing up, and I hate it too. I’ve always seen house cleaning as discouraging. Especially with kids in the house. You finish cleaning one mess, to turn around to five more messes.

    BUT, when we’re throwing a party? That’s when I feel I’m cleaning with purpose. And frankly, the only time it really gets the thorough “go-over” is when we’re planning a party or BBQ.

    I’m fine with that. I keep just ahead of the clutter, and make sure the kitchen isn’t a breeding ground for germs and food born illnesses. The rest is about living IN the house. Being comfortable and enjoying our pets and each other. It took me yrs. to not be secretly embarrassed regarding my sloppy cleaning. Now, I very much feel if someone is going to judge me on how immaculate my house is, we wouldn’t have much in common anyway. C’est la vie!

    We’re having a BBQ/Birthday party here Saturday, so it will get the thorough cleaning, too.

    As it does feel good to have a clean house, I make sure a party is here on a fairly regular basis. I hope you get your house just the way you want it, and have a wonderful time at your party!



  3. It always feels like – as soon as you finish the last load of laundry, it won’t be before the end of the day that your family has created another load… it’ll never end!

    I can’t wait until I’m rich and I can put all that behind me.

    And I can’t wait until I’m enlightened enough to not care.

  4. Ahhh sue…I see me here…I too like a clean house but find it overwhelming…One day I while go hog wild and clean out every drawer in the kitchen, reline shelves , etc..while the sink is piled with dishes…i can’t eever remember having EVERY room cleann all at the sme time!

  5. Our rule of house cleaning is the “Two Hour Rule”. Keep it in good enough shape that if you found out you were having unexpected guests, it would take no more than two hours to get it shipshape. Of course Mrs A and I differ on the definition of “shipshape”.

  6. Are we SURE we weren’t raised by the same person? Wait, mine started drinking a lot later in life. I also had the Sat morning “list” – absolutely nothing I wanted to do could be done until everything was crossed off my list. It could take me until the afternoon before I got through it all – and forget taking breaks! I hate housework, too. Maybe because I’ve already done a lifetime’s worth of it? We now have a cleaning person who comes every other week, and I was thinking this morning that it’s partly to get the house clean, and partly to force us to tidy up on a regular basis, because we have to before she comes!
    Good luck with your undertaking – I still enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done – it’s just that I enjoy knitting (or napping, or any of a number of other things) …more. 🙂

  7. My schedule has an area of the house on each day. I ususally get a bit of it done (once in a while all of it) but it keeps my house clean enough. I’ll worry about a spotless house when the girls go off to school.

  8. Oh, I love a clean, orderly, house..I just don’t want to have to do it, myself! LOL

    I take it by spurts, too, and I really have to be in the mood to do it, or else I find myself going around in circles, rather than getting anything accomplished.

    It helps, when I am fixing the house pretty for friends or family, though.

  9. I’m a lot like you in that I don’t like to be a slob, but I wouldn’t say that I go out of my way to always clean. It usually takes company coming over for Ted and I to do more than surface cleaning 🙂

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