Saying No

For over a month I've been torturing myself with a new medicine regime perscribed by my doctor for my diabetes. Yesterday I said "no more".

On Monday I doubled up on the injectible medication, going from 5 mg twice a day to 10 mg twice a day. The fun also doubled. I went from nausea most of the day to out-and-out projectile vomiting, almost immediately. A week of not being able to keep down the simpliest of foods, like saltine crackers, left me weak, depressed, and … oh, yeah, my sugar levels were down, but who cared? I know I certainly didn't. By yesterday I was a mess of muscle soreness, weakness, and frustration.

I called the doctor, of course getting his nurse. After explaining the torture I had been enduring for the last few weeks she agreed with me that maybe this medicine wasn't the right fit for me. I'm still waiting to hear back from the doctor on what the next move is going to be… increase the oral meds? Try a different one? Insulin? I don't know. I only know that I am never going to go back on Byetta again. Ever. I'm taking a stand. I refuse to live like that. That is no life.

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7 thoughts on “Saying No”

  1. When it comes to health, I have found that we are our own best advocates… good on you for saying no. Vomitous is no way to live.

  2. Good for you! I’m sorry you’ve been put through all that but I hope they find a way to help you while helping you. . . seems so often medications we are told to take hinder us from actually enjoying life.

  3. The time my doc doubled my blood pressure med made me realize I have the right to say ‘NO!’ My doc is VERY good, it was MY fault that I went through a month of hell–I didn’t want to rock the boat and complain. When I told him that the BEST of the bad symptoms I was experiencing was to feel like I was walking through a bowl of Jell-o, he immediately changed my dosage. I don’t wait anymore. We know our bodies best and if something isn’t right, the docs have to listen.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Yikes! Docs don’t know how crummy their patients feel if patients keep quiet. It is hard, not wanting to “go against” what the dr. has ordered. But, sounds like you gave it a fair try. I hope you find a better medication regime soon!

  5. Oh, you poor thing. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through — you must be so frustrated. One of my good friends/co-workers is diabetic and she’s been having problems with regulating her sugars/insulin, so she’s considering (I forgot the proper term for it) the “bag” so that it does it all automatically for her and is supposed to make her feel better.

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