Watermelon Days Coming to an End

I realize the leaves haven't started turning yet, but around here it is starting to feel like fall. Hubs refuses to let me turn off the a.c. claiming when it is this cold out it isn't running anyway, but in my mind I know it is on and that makes it even chillier in the house. I sat outside on the deck after I got home from work yesterday afternoon and it was actually cool in the shade. I think the high today was to be maybe 80. That's just so strange. We didn't even have any really blistering hot days during the State Fair! That's very bizarre.

I keep hoping it will warm up a bit to help dry off the crops. They were late getting in, late getting going – what with all the rain and cool, cloudy weather we had at the beginning of the season. Now it is time for them to be drying out and getting ready to harvest and they are still looking mighty green to me. I've heard that frost and winter will be late this year… I hope so, as we'll need the extra time.

Still? I feel like I've missed so much of the summer this year being cooped up in the house – or rather, cooped up in the bathroom.

Finally heard back from the doc. We're going to be Ms. Experimental again. This time it is another oral medicine. Januvia. Not supposed to have the side effects. We'll see. I started it this morning. Everyone hold your breath and cross your fingers…

School is back in swing for the old and young kids. Grandson has started middle school – can he really be that old?? Younger daughter is back at college. The streets in town are packed with new college kids wandering around checking out the town and returning students getting settled.

On top of everything else that tells me summer is ending is the official race season where my son races on Saturday nights only has one more regular night race, next weekend. Then the Supernationals start for a week and maybe a special race here or there. Hard to believe the race season has gone so quickly as well.

One of these days my days and nights will be filled with combines and trucks and corn dust and dirty, hungry, tired guys. My workplace will turn into a race against time and my home will make my head spin with activity – making lunches, suppers, and zooming back and forth to the field – somehow mixing that in with my 60 or 70 hour weeks at my "town" job. I'm trying to figure out how to stay sane this year, but I'm probably fighting a losing battle. Once I get behind on my sleep it takes me until Christmas to catch up again. Oh, who am I kidding, more like February.

I'm treasuring every spare minute of quiet I get right now and yeah, I'm going to have a little piece of watermelon.

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8 thoughts on “Watermelon Days Coming to an End”

  1. I love autumn. I love spring, too, but that’s because I get so tired of Chicago winters. You understand that. Autumn is just so beautiful with the leaves turning and the smell of fireplaces. It’s the best sleep I get.

  2. I know the weather is changing because Mr. AP’s allergies are acting up. And they only do that as we switch seasons. We’ve had some pretty cool weather lately which leaves me all giddy. I like being able to have the windows open again.

    *fingerscrossed* Your new meds do the trick!

  3. Summer ended here a couple of weeks ago. Summer being the warm rainy season. We are now in the cool rainy season, soon to be followed by the cold rainy season.

    Did I mention it is raining?

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