Full Moon Insanity

Once again the full moon has struck. Hubby threatens to get out the tinfoil to wrap my head. I recommend he wrap his own.

Almost asleep when the phone rings – bride and groom have finally found their car at the airport and are the way home safe, happy and tired.

Neighbor’s dog proceeds to start barking fool head off at the moon, or whatever it can see in the bright moonlight.

Every two hours my puppies decide it must be time to get up because it’s so bright in their room – so, bark! bark! bark! – until I go into soothe them. I know, it’s “People Training”, but they only do this when the moon is so bright, so I don’t think it’s a permanent condition.

Crashing glass in the kitchen at 4 a.m. means one of the cats has finally tipped a glass of water that was on the ledge (trying to root some new plants for mom and daughter) off onto the countertop, shattering it. No sense messing with it now. Pick up the plants and put them in a plastic cup (why didn’t I do THAT earlier?).

Hubby decides he’s had all the sleep he’s going to get, so he’s up for the day.

It is supposed to be an absolutely beautiful, 70-degree day today. Sounds like a good day to take off early and go home to NAP!

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