Ma Nature Can Be a Real Bitch

Looks like Ike got on a roll and didn't let up. I've been offline a few days and hadn't watched the news so didn't realize the destruction until I got a text message last night from a fellow blogger who had his town ravaged by the remnants. As far away as Kentucky and they'd gotten 70 mph winds! Hubs had already told me of reports in central Illinois of 8-12" of rain – both of us being grateful that our crops didn't have to withstand either of those.

I saw some of the pictures this morning of the destruction. Once more a part of our country has been beaten and battered by Ma Nature. I love her, but she's a hard taskmaster.

In updated news, there was no camping trip. I figured you didn't see the cloud go up over Iowa, so you might have known. Again, Ma Nature was to blame. The races got cancelled… and although we did discuss going anyway and just camping to get away, it became not just rain warnings, but flood warnings and I really didn't want to risk floating away in our RV. I'm pretty sure I've had a similar experience while in Girl Scouts that I will recount one day.

So, next weekend there is another race in another place in the state. Once again we're talking about going camping. There is a chance of rain, but not until Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Take care of yourself, all you who have been battered by Ma Nature this weekend. I'm thinking of you.

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6 thoughts on “Ma Nature Can Be a Real Bitch”

  1. I got a txt yesterday from a friend (shes in my eq guild) in Kentucky.

    She’s without power and might be for a week or so.

    M. Nature is hard as nails.


  2. I am just finding out today how hard hit people were. And they say it rains in Seattle! I’ll take months of rain instead of big clumps of downpour any day.

  3. It’s the most bizarre thing, yesterday was in 90s with massive humidity. Today it was 55… insane.

    Hope everyone is well on your end.

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