Camping Day 1 – Prologue

I have awakened early with the critters, but unlike many mornings today I won't go back to bed. Today is Camping Day.

I had things to do in preparation. Hubs had brought the RV to the house so I could pack it and he had gone to work – he had some grain to haul before we could leave. I had a few "personal maintenance" items to take care of first think… aka coloring my hair. I was pretty organized as far as packing goes. I'd done a load of laundry the night before and only had one other to do.

I'd made the rounds of the critter stations being sure food and water dishes were full. Even though daughter was coming to let the canine variety outside, I  didn't need to have her forced into doing my chores.

I had a laundry basket with all of our clothing and sundry items. I was working on another basket to go to the RV with food and kitchen things that weren't already there. I hate leaving dirty dishes or garbage in the house when we're going to be gone, so I'd just gotten the dishwasher started when I stepped out to the garage with a bag of garbage. (Hubs and I have a deal – I take it out of the house, he takes it the rest of the way to the dumpster.)

I mis-spoke. I didn't "step out" to the garage, I fell out. How? No clue. I know I took one step and found my left ankle twisted and caught on the edge of the bottom step. There were only two steps…. TWO.

I rush, okay, I hobbled, into the house and went straight for the ice pack where I nursed my poor leg for an hour. I managed to finish my chores, but at a considerable slower speed than originally intended.

At least it didn't stop the weekend from going forward. It is wrapped (I should have stock in ace bandages) and although still throbbing and tender it is functional. Good thing no foot races are required this weekend!

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