Camping Day 2 – Property of the Kingdom of God


Up early, Hubs had made his coffee, watched his morning TV and eaten breakfast. I woke to the sound of the dump trucks hauling rock in for the handicapped pier they were building across the driveway from the RV.

Showered, breakfast eaten, we decided to go ride the bike. I was wanting a leather coat for riding and we thought we'd make it a day trip of about 200 miles to a Harley dealership Hubs knew of in the northern part of the state. It was a beautiful day.

We started off, then detoured after about 20 miles and visited with some friends from the racing community that also happened to be farmers. A couple of hours sitting around their shop talking and we were ready to move on. Further up the road we had lunch, then rode on to the dealership.

I found a coat, on sale, and some gloves – you can't believe how cold your hands can get just riding along! We loaded up and headed back. Taking our time, we stopped for fuel and beverages and took a stretch break. By now my butt wasn't really bothering me, but my lower back was beginning to give out.

About 10 miles from the campsite I asked Hubs to pull over on a gravel road. I decided later it must have been a low blood sugar attack, but I felt dizzy, weak and light-headed and thought I was either going to pass out or throw up. I had some regular soda with me, so had a few swallows and lay on the grass for a bit until I felt better, then we pushed on the last little ways to the RV.

As we pulled in, we notice more campers all around us. They'd been coming in for the weekend. Hubs said "hi" to one couple and chatted with them a few minutes. Mr. "I-can-talk-to-anyone". He came back over and we were sitting outside having a beer and discussing what we were going to have for supper. Hubs tell me the people around us were from some church group and they were all wearing shirts that said "Property of the Kingdom of God". Um.. okay…

As we sat and visited, the noise level got louder and more campers continued to invade our space. People were walking past us to join up with the original group right next door. They had about twenty people gathered when we just looked at each other.

"Why are we sitting in a campground with more noise and people than we ever have at home?"

 "Good question"

"You know neither of us slept worth a damn last night and tonight isn't going to be any better – especially with this group of noisy people right next door."


"You know we are both missing our critters."


"You know we talked about going home tomorrow… but we could be home by our own firepit, cooking in our own backyard and have more privacy and quiet than we have here, right now."


'We could be home before dark."


We were on our way home with the bike five minutes later and came back to get the RV 30 minutes after that. It took us about 10 minutes to pack up the RV for travel and we were home by 8 p.m.

Happily home.

Where we proceeded to sit out on the deck, overhanging the creek, in the woods, surrounded by our critters and listening to the locusts and the frogs and the woodland creatures. Period. We lit the grill, cooked and ate our supper, and happily crawled into our cozy comfortable bed.

Going away  – alone – was fun. But coming home? Priceless.

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6 thoughts on “Camping Day 2 – Property of the Kingdom of God”

  1. Coming home is always that why they say there is no place like it? 🙂

    On top of everything else, you ride a bike, too..with leathers!

    I think I’m jealous! LOL

  2. You’re out in the country — pitching a tent in your yard would be like camping for me (with the benefit of indoor plumbing just a few yards away!). Glad you were able to get away by yourselves!

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