Strange Fall

First, an update on the shoulders. Oh, wait. There is no update. It is now Friday and not a darn thing has changed. I still haven't given up hope that the shots will eventually "kick in"… but with my record of medication resistance, I'm not going to hold my breath. Physical therapy starts again next week and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it kicks in before the PT starts workin' on me. A girl can hope, right?

This has been the strangest fall. Because of the late planting season and the cooler and wetter than normal spring and summer, the crops are just now barely beginning to be ready to harvest. That's just a very few of the early soybeans. The corn is still a couple of weeks away! Many years we are half-way done harvesting by now! Even the trees are confused. Most haven't started turning at all, then you'll see one that is brilliant red or yellow – turned totally into the clothes of fall.

It has seemed odd because my son is still racing, as well. Normally he has sold his car off by now and doesn't have any more races this time of year. There are always these late fall "special" races, though… he just never goes. It has been one about every weekend since the regular season finished and there are still a couple more to go.

To top things off, this time of year we are generally gearing up at work for the big push. I've mentioned before that I work for a farm chemical and fertilizer company. Our busiest time of year is the fall – usually as soon as the combines roll in the fields we start hopping. Instead, we've been caught in limbo, waiting for the big push. While we wait, three people have quit. Three. First my "roomate"… then I came to work yesterday and found out another guy, who just got married on Saturday, is quitting to move out of town to live with his new in-laws. His last day is today. Finally, today, when our boss went out to ask for his keys another guy turned his in as well. They knew he'd been looking around – I guess he's notorious for only being at one place about two years and his two were up, but they didn't know he'd found one. Well, the boss teasingly asked him for his keys because we were all pretty sure he'd taken the job and just hadn't gotten up the balls to say anything yet. Sure enough, he acted all dumb at first… "Uh, I didn't know when my last day would be"… and the boss just said, "Why don't we make it the end of the month to make it easy". They agreed and the keys were turned in. So, just when we are gearing up to need the most people, and people who are already trained, they're disappearing. This could be a wilder than normal season when it finally gets going.

At home, Hubs and son shuffle around and work on equipment – which is already in pretty good ready-to-go shape. They ride the bikes. (Glad they got them to keep distracted or Hubs would be going stir-crazy!) I mean, remember… it was my husband who suggested we go see my folks. That, my friends, is a bored man. They visit with their other farm friends who are doing the same things. They may help out one who is just starting to combine his beans… but that's not set in stone yet.

I know one of these days all hell is going to break loose. For now? I'm just waiting for the next surprise.

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2 thoughts on “Strange Fall”

  1. Sorry about your shoulder.

    The trees are doing this weird have turned thing. It’s all rather odd. I hope for some spectacular light to get a few pics.

  2. I agree…weather here has been mild as well…very little !00 degree weather like we usually have for week after week…It has had me confused as well, I let my plants go way to soon; let a little tease of cool weather play with my mind!

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