Call of the Wild

Anyone who thinks the country is quiet needs to come by my house. As I stood outside with the puppies at 5 a.m. I took inventory of all that I could hear.

  • Roosters crowing across the field – in a direction where I didn't realize anyone HAD roosters. Another neighbor has them, but they weren't being vocal yet.
  • Two owls communicating with each other
  • A dog (coyote?) howling
  • A dog barking
  • Frogs
  • A train off in the distance

We won't mention the TV that Hubs had turned up waaay too loud (again) in the other room that I could hear after I went back to bed…

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6 thoughts on “Call of the Wild”

  1. I’ll ALWAYS choose the nature sounds over fake ones. Even frogs. What’s that Paul Simon said about a Train In the Distance?

    What’s funny is that in one of my vlogs (DITLs) way back, I was walking off our driveway, heard the rooster, looked up and said “it’s not morning, but the crow still crows” and I didn’t even REALIZE until my daughter pointed out to me a couple of months later that, “um, dad? that’s a rooster. not a crow”.


  2. I guess no matter where we go, there will always be some sort of noise. Sometimes it’s comforting, other times really annoying. At least you don’t have drunk people yelling beneath your window at 2am. 😉

  3. Reminds me of when we were building our house. I went out on the porch with a cup of coffee early one morning, thinking how peaceful it was in the country, birds chirping, the breeze blowing through the trees, etc. Then two squirrels started chasing each other around the trees, jumping and chattering, bark flying; a woodpecker started hammering one of the trees with his beak; a rooster started crowing at our neighbors, only it sounded like he had a cold or was really, really sick; then some dogs started howling in the distance. I gave up and went back in the house!

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